Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another day in paradise

Not much new today. It's 88F at 11:30AM

ONE MORE DAY!!! The boys are BACK!! The Yankees season opener is Monday, March 31 at 1PM, I can't wait. Of course I can't actually watch the game unless I sit in front of my computer all evening on the Yahoo game channel and then it's just a "recap" sort of, not real watching.

Well I'm excited again, that blanket stitching on the outside of the hardanger project actually lined up! I finished the whole outside stitching and came together for a change! I am off a few stitches on the bottom, but who is really gonna know except you who are reading this. I'll post a picture later.

Last night we had stir fried beef & vegetables with rice. I had some leftover beef cubes from the bbq beef so I added a bunch of fresh vegetables mixed with fresh grated ginger, garlic & chili peppers. Tonight is more beef bbq.

I got an e-mail from my DD last night!!! Whoo hooo that means she is back online! I'm so happy, I miss her so much.

OK, well time to go do aerobic housework

Saturday, March 29, 2008

I can finally show this!!!

I am SOOOOOOOOO excited about this project. This is the March Stitching Challange stitching project form the Jayne's Attic board. The pattern is Alphabet Tree from Blue Ribbon Designs and it's stitched on 32 count Flax linen with Carrie's Creation threads Blue Lagoon, Emerald and Crescent Colors Polished Brass. The back of the book is a pattern from SanMan Originals.

I finished this into my first ever attempt at a needle book. The inside right side has a little pocket to hold my needle cases, the left side has 2 "pages" to hold loose needles.

So far this year I have attempted and finished 2 biscornus, a pin keep, this needle case, Hardanger and a no sew cube. You know what? I am damn proud of myself too!

A new week

Ok, so I am locking the patio door when I went to bed "last night" at 2AM. I noticed water on the patio, very unusual for 2AM. I go get some shoes, plod around, the water is growing into a little "lake". I walk around the side of my patio to see water bubbling up out of the ground in the neighbors yard and it's running on to my patio. Well to be quite honest, at 2AM there is absoultely nothing anyone can do except let it bubble until 5AM when someone is available to come fix it. Swell, so that means I won't have any water in the morning. So I get up at 8AM, I can see on the patio bricks we have out there that there was at least 3-4 inches of water on my patio but it has receeded quite a bit and appears to be fixed for now.
(let me explain to my new readers, I live on a walled in, self contained, private compound in a major metropolitan city in "the middle east". If something needs to be fixed, we call maintenence and "they will send someone". Our weekends are Thursday and Friday and the work week is Saturday-Wednesday. We don't celebrate any holidays what so ever except the muslim holidays, and most "western" or civilized holidays are forbidden, banned, illegal and not recogonized)
Last night we had pulled beef bbq, a recipe that was on the back of a box of Lipton Onion Mushroom soup mix. It was quite good. I had left over beef cubes so I will fix those tonight instead of heating up the bbq mess.

I sat for another 3 hours last night and worked on my hardanger project. I like the bottom 1/2 of this project a lot better than the top half. Not really much more and it will be done.

So far this month I have done well with my stitching and I think that is mainly due to the SALS on a few boards and the Stitchathon on Cross Stitch Crazy and Needle Nook. I just hope I can keep up the stitchy mood.
2, yes 2 more days until the boys come out to play!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Hardanger progress

On Wednesday I sat for 3 1/2 hours stitching, frogging, re stitching, frogging. Put in 10 stitches, rip out 5, re stitch 15, rip out 10, it was VERY fustrating but once I got it figured out, it went right along. I did notice that I need to pull out several stitches on the top right. Then I did the Kloster blocks on the bottom. This time I used 2 strands of #8 Perle and it covered better than one strand. Next I cut the threads a little better than the first time. Then I did "woven bars" and that is where I stopped for the evening. I am determined to finish this then maybe I will stitch those begining Hardanger kits from Victoria's Sampler that I have somewhere.

Tonight we had Apple coleslaw and carrot/zucchini "pancakes"

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another weekend in the magic kingdom

IT's the weekend, not much happening, hot again.

Had Burger King for supper last night because they are giving away Monster Trucks with the kids meals. My boys need the monster trucks.

I took out the woven bits on my hardanger and restitched some of them. I tried the lace squares but that didn't go to well so those came out. I AM determined to do this even if I only ever finish this 1 project, at least I tried.
Only a few more days and I can proudly show my March challanged project! I can't wait, I'm so excited.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


WOO HOO! It started!!!! PLAY BALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Baseball Season is here! Well the season started but it's the Bahstan Red Sux playing Oakland A's in Japan but that means the boys are BACK!

Too early for this

So it's 11:15 AM, it's 95.5F or 35.3C outside. IT's TOOO EARLY in the year for this. I will have to get up earlier if I want to walk in the morning now.

Didn't do any stitching yesterday, I just didn't feel like it. I didn't get much done at all on the Breast Cancer mandela last week because I started that Hardanger so I don't really have any progress on anything. I want to start so many projects but there are a few that I NEED to get done before May 26!

We had corned beef sandwiches last night and corned beef hash for Easter dinner, LOL. Hopefully this is the end of the corned beef for awhile. I think tonight it will be Burger King because they are giving away "Monster Trucks" in their happy meals and I have 2 boys that I know would like them.

My daughter was back online yesterday! She was only on for a brief minute or so but that was something!

Off to do my cleaning.

Monday, March 24, 2008

How many of me?
LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter 2

I'm back. Another day here, going to call my family in the USA later.

I made some banana bread today that turned out ok but a note to self:
NEXT TIME YOU DECIDE TO MAKE SOMETHING THAT YOU HAVE NEVER MADE BEFORE FROM A RECIPE, EITHER A: ENLARGE THE RECIPE SO YOU CAN READ THE WHOLE THING RIGHT OR B: PUT YOUR DAMN GLASSES ON SO YOU CAN READ IT! I don't think that is supposed to be chocolate soup and the walnuts taste horrible in it, not to mention when it says 1/4 cup chocolate chips, it doesn't mean "oh add 1/2 cup just because" You'll be awake for days now. I DO love chocolate, but this is NASTY!
Here are my Easter eggs and my Easter stitching projects:

Ok, so I joined another group with a SAL. I joined the India Grace designs group, she is doing a beginning Hardanger SAL. I really, REALLY want to learn how to do this and it was free. WELLLLLLLLLL, the project I started looks like shit. I know my stitches are either too loose or too tight, I can't turn the corners right and I know the threads of the fabric will unravel from where I cut it. This is what It looks like:

I have since cut the center of the small design and after 2 days figured out how to stitch it so it looks right.I also had to take out all of the stitching on the very top because I went over too many threads. I WILL finish this!
Here is an update from March 23. I'm not happy with the way the wrapped bars look, I may take them out.

Another strange thing happened the other day and we're really not sure what to do. DH & I were sitting at the computers when the doorbell rang like crazy. It was only 6PM and still light out. DH answered the door, it was the man next door. (a "native" local resident) He said "hello, I am your new neighbor, (gave his name) I wanted to come say hello, here is a dish of food for you" My DH said hello and was very pleasant, said hello to the man's little child, but the child doesn't speak English and only looks to be about 1 1/2. They exchanged greetings then DH closed the door. Now this totally stumped us! It is a VERY nice thing to do but highly out of character for the locals! Now we have no idea if we are supposed to reciprocate and if we do, how do we go about doing so because of the man/woman thing. We don't know if we are supposed to return the empty clean dish and say thank you or what. DH will have to ask one of the local men he works with. I haven't seen any females over next door either.

So anyway, have a GREAT EAster!

Happy Easter

Even though it's only me & DH I still colored eggs.
We're having corned beef hash for supper, gotta use up that corned beef from St. Patrick's day.

I have been having lots of fun playing games on Tranquil Stitches the past few days. My team is the Chirping Chicks. Playing these games made me feel a little more a part of the group but I also haven't done much stitching the past couple days either.
I'll post more tomorrow

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March 19

Another weekend is here. Gotta call maintence to have them come spray outside for ants again, other than that, nothing exciting at all here.

Today and Thursday are the Stitch a Cause SAL at Needle Nook. This months cause is Breast Cancer so I will be working on my Breast Cancer Mandela again.

Stitch Pink contest

I recently found this Stitch Pink blog. They are giving away a cute chart from Lizzie Kate called Peace, Love and a cure. You can read more about it here:

I've been de-throned

Ok, so my kids called me the kitchen gaget queen. Well I think I lost my crown, to my husband, LOL. While I was away last summer he bought a new coffee bean grinder, combination chopper/mixer/wisker with one of those mixer gagets that fits into a glass and blends things up, a new stove top wok, our own hot/cold water dispenser. I love the mixer/blender thing but it's 220 volts, the power in the US is 110Volts so I can't take that back. For my birthday last year he got me a new T-Fal deep frier. Just today he came home with an electric tea pot. I thought about those electric tea pots, but the stove top one works just fine for me. If I were to buy those things at home, he'd want to know why I bought them when I already have one. I already have 2 bread machines (1 in each country), 4 blenders(2 in each country), 2 crock pots, 2 rice cookers, 2 ice cream machines, 3 microwaves, 2 food dehydrators, 2 pop corn poppers, 2 electric fry pans, 3 electic grills, 2 food processors, 2 food choppers, more coffee makers than I know what to do with, a cappuccino maker, toasters, a toaster oven, can openers, yada yada yada.

Return of the blob

Last night I sat down to stitch something, anything. I looked through my UFO/WIPs and pulled out my Blob WIP. When I picked it up it looked like this: I stitched for almost 3 hours and it looked like this: The top picture is more like the real colors. I've also stitched more on it tonight . Here is the 2 hour progress I made on it on Tuesday night. It's called An American Christmas ornament and it is a freebie pattern from Eterna Silk. This stitchathon is doing wonders for me.

The internet is beyond shitty anymore. It is taking anywhere between 2-5 mintues for pages to load and much longer if anything blinking or animated is on the page. There is no longer a "good time" or a "bad time" to be on, it's horrible 24/7. We even have "HIgh speed" !

We had the corned beef, cabbage, potatoes & carrots yesterday. The corned beef came out ok but it was WAYYYYYYY to salty this go round, but then I don't use salt every day so any additional amount is salty to me. It was even pretty good as leftovers tonight. There is still a couple days of leftovers left.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St Patrick's Day/A FINISH!!!!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We're not Irish here but I'm cooking the Corned beef & cabbage dinner. The beef has been in brine since the end of January so it should be good and corned. I'll add the potatoes, carrots and cabbage and cook it more.

I have another finished project!! Last night after we got back from shopping I sat down and stitched until it was done. I made another biscornu and I'm excited about it. It's simply called Autumn Biscornu by Dinkt Dyes and stitched with Dinky Dyes silk floss. It is stitched together with Six Strand Sweets Pumpkin Pie floss. the beads and button are by Mill Hill.

Now to decide what to stitch next

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another day in paradise

Both our kids were at our house yesterday. They didn't plan it, for some strange reason it just worked out that way. I just hope everyone was nice and got along.
Our son said the house was literally covered in snow. You had to bend down to get in the door because the snow/ice was that high. There was a continual pile that went from the deck floor to the roof of the house from where the snow slid off the roof onto the deck. you could stand on the couch that is in front of the window and not see the driveway. It took them 20 minutes to shovel their way into the house. The mail box was destroyed again by the town plow, the road is only 1 1/2 car widths and the snowbanks are at least 10 feet high on the road sides. It would not surprise me at all if there was a snowpile somewhere in my yard in June! And of course no one had a camera!
He also said a can of soda expoded in the fridge, it came apart at the seam of the can. That's just great.
I got to talk to both my grandsons too! That was fun. They were both so busy playing together though.
My DD also took her computer parts home so hopefully they will be back on line soon and we can chat again, I really miss chatting with my girl! We can also go stash shopping together too, I love doing that.

I don't think I do any stitching today, I did something to my middle finger on my right hand yesterday and it is like a huge burn blister. I dont' remember burning it though, but it stings like crazy.
It's almost noon here and I can feel a nap coming on but I can't take a nap because we have a friend coming over this evening to do some computer work so I have to clean up the house a bit.

Last night we had spaghetti for supper with sauce from a jar. Not much to fixing that.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

A finished project

I finished the Hinzeit Charmed Choice March 17th today. It is stitched on 32 count Eire Opalescent Flair Lugana from with DMC, Weeks and House of Embroidery flosses. It is special for my son's girlfriend, her birthday is March 17. She won't get it until I get home in June though

Now what to stitch next?

Happy Saturday!

Another weekend come and gone. Not very exciting, vacuumed, got the airbubbles taken out of our waterbed since it takes both of us to do it.

I got a lovely gift Friday morning, If you're squeemish, you might not want to read this. DH & I were sitting at our computers this morning. We hear this cat screeching noise at the patio door, he got up and said Annie wants you (she is one of our cats), I go to the door and there she is VERY proudly holding a limp bird in her mouth. I stood there looking at her and she drops it, steps back and just looks at me flicking her tail back and forth. She then picks it up and just very proudly stands there. DH opened the door, she shot in, ran to the kitchen and scooted under the kitchen center table we have. She came out about 45 mintues later just as proud as a peacock. AT least I suppose she knew where to take it. She's the hunter of all 4 cats, she loves to bring me gecos and large bugs. There aren't any rats or mice around here so I don't get those. She doesn't want to give them to DH, she prefers to give them to me. I did tell her thank you but please don't do that again. She strutted around the house the rest of the day. She thinks she is the princess around here. She is unique in that she has one full green/hazel eye and one eye that is 1/2 hazel and 1/2 blue and the colors change with her moods and lighting. Her full name is Little Orphan Annie, she and her 3 sisters and 1 brother were born under a bush in our front yard and mom abandoned them when they were only about 3 weeks old. We found nice, loving homes for 3 of them so we took in Annie and her brother. They will be 6 years old in April.

I am almost done with my March 17th project, just a few more stitches, I just couldn't stitch any more last night I was tired.

I am doing so well with the stitchathon, it is just what I needed to get my stitching ambition back! I have stitched just about every day which is wonderful for me.

I make up a package of Lemon poppyseed muffins this morning. The annoying part is they have to put an arabic sticker on the boxes, I have no clue if it is a list of ingredients, instructions or what it is but they put their stupid sticker right over 1/2 the English ingredient list and 1/2 the instructions. I had to run the box under water to try and peel of this stupid sticker. I did save the boxtop though for my grandson's school. I need to get off my butt and make my hot cross buns before lent is over.

Thursday evening we had the last of the chicken fajita chilli and Friday we had yummy home made shrimp stir fry. I want to make crock pot pulled beef bbq, I found the recipe on the back of a Lipton Onion Mushroom box. It was actually for pulled pork but since pork is forbidden and banned here, i have to use beef.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I am SO excited again!!

I did another first for me finish and I'm VERY happy about it! I can't share it with you yet because it's part of a project on a board I post on. WOW, this makes like 3 first ever finishes for me! I also finished my St. Patrick's Day project into a no sew cube, now I just need to find a nice ribbon for a complete finish.

My son's girlfriend's birthday project is coming along GREAT too. I stitched another 3 hours on it today. I don't have a scan of it, a scan wouldn't do the fabric justice since it's a very pretty green opalescent from Enchanted fabrics. The project is almost done.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Wednesday

It's the weekend again! Time to make my shopping list.

I finished up 2 projects yesterday that will become one larger one. I can't tell you what I am doing with them because they are part of a March Challange on the Jayne's Attic board but I can share one of them. I started this project and finished it in an hour! I was excited. It's a SanMan chart. I used Carries' Creation Blue Lagoon & Evergreen

I started the Hinzeit charmed March 17 project. It will be a birthday present for my son's girlfriend. I actually sat and stitched for almost 6 hours yesterday! Happy dancing about that.

The A/C was messed up again yesterday so I had to call maintenence, the thermostat was on 70 but my inside thermometer and the thermostat said 80 and it was so uncomfortable. They came out to fix it but we'll see how long it lasts again. I told them to knock on the door because my doorbell doesn't work, so about 1/2 hour after the a/c people left, someone was banging on my front door fixing my door bell. Thank you but it will work for about 2 days then quit again, the sand and dirt and humidity get in it and it doesn't work again.

Ok so I figured out that I have until 11AM to enjoy the internet. After 11AM it's like you are doing 80MPH and slam into a brick wall. Everything stops or slows to a crawl. It takes at least 3 minutes for ANY page to load on any site. It keeps up like that for the rest of the day and into the late evening. Even at midnight it is horrible. Which I guess is why I stitched for 6 hours yesterday.

Last night we had another bowl of that citrus salad. Tonight I hope will be the last of the chicken fijata chili.

Monday, March 10, 2008

A Yahoo news article

Saudi woman defies driving ban to mark women's day

Sun Mar 9, 2:16 PM ET
RIYADH (AFP) - A Saudi woman activist marked this year's International Women's Day by defying a ban on women driving in the ultra-conservative kingdom and posted a video of her act on YouTube.

Wajiha Huwaidar, a leading activist in a campaign to allow women to get behind the wheel in the desert kingdom, confirmed to AFP on Sunday that it was her in the video posted on the popular website.

She said she recorded the video while she drove in a deserted area in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia and posted it on the Internet on Saturday to mark International Women's Day.
In the video, Huwaidar appeared driving calmly as few cars passed by along the almost empty road.
"Women can drive in the countryside. There is no problem with that. Some women do the school run everyday without being obstructed," she claimed.
"What is important is to allow women to drive in urban areas."

In September, more than 1,100 Saudi men and women signed a petition to King Abdullah urging him to lift the controversial ban on women driving in the oil-rich kingdom, which applies a strict form of Sharia (Islamic law).

The petition -- a brainchild of Huwaidar and other activists -- stressed that Islam does not put constraints on women such as the driving ban and points out that women already "drive in villages and remote rural areas."

A group of 47 women defied the ban on driving by roaming the streets of the capital Riyadh in 15 cars in November 1990. They were swiftly rounded up by police and penalised, while their male guardians were reprimanded.
The following year, a fatwa (religious edict) was issued by the then mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baz, prohibiting women from driving cars.

Women in the oil-rich Gulf desert kingdom are forced to cover from head to toe in public, and cannot travel without written permission from their male guardian.
My 2 cents-personally I would NOT EVER want to drive in this god forsaken country! They are insane lunatics, traffic rules/laws are for they other person, not me!

I got reservations

Ok, well I have vacation reservations, temporary ones with Luftansa, the travel agent is looking for better deals but it's hard to get a good deal on a 6 month ticket. I leave here on May 31 and return on Oct 9.

I didn't get much done at all on my Dinky Dyes project yesterday, the internet was SO damn slow and messed up that even what I was trying to do that should have taken 10 minutes never got done because nothing would load or work right.

Speaking of stitching, I KNOW what I am going to do with my March Challange project but I can't tell you, LOLOLOL. I am going to put a SanMan stitching project on the opposite side though. I just hope it comes out decent when I am done. This is going to be another new project for me to try too. Soi that will make 3 new project finishing techniques for me this year.

Supper last night when we got home was more chicken fajita chili with fried tortilla strips. Tonight's supper is going to be more Citrus salad, DH liked it.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I'm on a roll today

Well I hope my connection holds out long enough to post this. If you are from any of the boards I post on and you don't see me for awhile it's because the Internet connection SUCKS here again. It connects but doesn't go anywhere, nothing loads. So I did other things today.

After 3 years, this finally got done, I finished the stitching back in 2005 but finally made the tuck for it today:

It is the Kitty Paw companion ornament to the St. Patrick's Kitty Moon by Stitchy Kitty. I stitched those a couple years ago.

I looked around my craft room to see if I had the right materials to make a "No Sew Cube" for my St. Patrick's March Coloring Book page. I managed to find a few things and got that together but don't have a picture yet.

Today I am stitching on my Dinky Dyes Autumn Biscornu as part of a Geometric SAL on the Needle Nook board. This is my progress as of this morning. I have stitched a little bit today and it's working oup fast

The piece on the left is the top half.

DH said something about going to the travel agent today to check on making vacation reservations. Now mind you this would excite me to no end and have me jumping all over the furniture & beds BUT, 1-I am on a creative roll today and I don't want to stop, 2-we have gotten hooked on watching Alias on one of the tv channels here and this show only airs once a day instead of the other channel that airs tv episodes twice a day and I think tonight's episode is the season finale and this channel does not show re-runs later and 3-TRAFFIC SUCKS, EVERY street is bumper to bumper traffic and just like LA or NYC at 4 PM on Christmas Eve.

Last night's dinner was the re heated chicken Fajita Chili from Friday night but I added tortilla strips on the bottom and top of the stew. IT was pretty good. If we don't get back too late tonight, we'll re heat it but I am hoping we can stop for take out. Haven't had that in weeks.

I talked to Sweet Baby James yesterday. They were having his birthday party that day. He told me he liked his wagon, "I wuv you" aaaawwwwww, just tear up Grammy's heart there buddy. Now I'm waiting for cake face pictures, LOLOL.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Spot is back

He came home and was sitting at the patio door around 2:30AM. I got up because dementia cat was screeching in the hallway because she woke up and no one was around and there was Spot kitty sitting at the patio window. He looks just fine, no cuts, broken bones, he's not dirty, he's just really spacey, more than normal for him. He went out again this morning when DH put him out but he did come back in with his sister when I got up around 7. He is just strange, like he's lost and doesn't know where he is. He did ask to be held so I picked him up.

I'll probably be stitching a lot again to day. I think (or at least I HOPE) I got my stitching mojo back!

It took 3 calls but maintenence did come and "fix" my a/c on Wednesday. I started calling at 3:2o PM and they finally showed up at 6:10. It worked real good Wednesday night but it doesn't feel like it's working good now.

Friday, March 7, 2008

A very sad day

Our cat Spot is missing. I let him out at 3:45 this morning and as of this posting at almost midnight, he hasn't returned. This is very VERY strange for him, he has never ever not come home. I think someone has killed him, these neighbors do not like pets and they have no respect for any kind of animal unless they can eat them. I would just like to know why. He is the most lovable cat ever, he is the baby, or he was. He would not have gone up to anyone, he would have run the other way. The only other thing that could have happened is he got accidently locked in someone's a/c room or laundry room. No one around here speaks English so we can't go knocking on doors. All I can do is go looking through back yards again on Saturday and hope I find him or hear him. He is my DH's favorite baby. It hurts.

I've been stitching most of the weekend. I finished my March Coloring book page and started a March Challange project. I just need to find some needlebook instructions.

I had started a Chicken Fajita Chili stew for supper but our friend Maria called us to come pick up our home made spring rolls so we had those instead.

There's not much more to type, I"m just so sad and hurt right now.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby James!

Today is my sweet baby grandson's 2 nd birthday! I can't believe he's 2 already! I miss him.
I will have to call him later and say Happy Birthday.

So much for feeling so good yesterday. I ended up going to bed early (for me) at 11PM. I had a horrible sinus headache and my neck hurt. I took 2 Tylenol PMs at 11:15 PM Monday night and finally got up at 11AM Tuesday. I did get up a couple of times to see why the cat was screeching so much, (she was just lost and didn't know if anyone was here) and to pee but I just couldn't wake up. At least the headache and sore neck was gone.

I got an e-mail back from my mail lady at HOME and there is at least 3 feet of snow on the roof of our house. I wish I knew someone who shoveled off roofs. It's a good thing we got a new roof this past summer!

Another exciting part to my day, the project I sent to NC arrived! I am so psyched about that, she said it got there yesterday! That is less than a week, I am so impressed! DH had just said yesterday that the guy from the office told him he mailed it out last week.

Last night I started my March Coloring book page from Tranquil stitchers, it's a St. Patrick's Theme so I am stitching it on a piece of Spring hand dyed fabric from Silkweaver with Needle Necessities threads.
Well it looks like I'm flying Luftansa this year, haven't flown them in ?? years. (Yes V, I'm going to Germany, LOL) Last time we went through Frankfurt it was a mess, so we'll see what happens this time. The flight orginates in Eritria or Addis Abbaba, someplace nasty like that, and it is usually full of foul smelling people, and that is NO lie, ever tried to hold your nose for 5 hours? Maybe I can find my cuckoo clock this time, LOLOL. I think I'm getting home on May 31 and leaving with DH again (UGH!) on Oct 10. We'll see how much changes between now and then.n Could have flown Swiss Air and gone to Zurich, haven't been there before but it was an 11 or 12 hour layover, I don't think so.
Last night's dinner was Spinach citrus salad. Spinach leaves with orange segments, walnuts & green onion slices. MMMMMMmmmm. Looks like the same thing again tonight.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Woooooo Hoooooo!

I feel good, yeah yeah, I feel good! I got a great work out today! I don't normally exercise but with the right music and stuff that needs to be done it was GREAT! Up and down stairs several times, clean down the guest bathroom, daily cleaning of the litter box, sort through this pile while swiveling hips to music, dust, shake hands in the air, vacuum, to Louie, Louie, Tequila, Born to Be Wild, Hot, Hot, Hot, Shout!, Na Na Na Na, Hey, Hey goodbye & the Macarena, phew, what a work out! Kiind of like the soundtrack to Flashdance used to be for cleaning. The cats were petrified by my gyrations, arm waving and singing so they ran the other way but it feels good and my house is clean!

I stitched last night too, I started working on the opposite side of my Autumn Biscornu but I think I may put that away and start on my March Coloring page from Tranquil Stitchers. This will be great for my March Stitchathons on Needle Nook and Cross Stitch Crazy. I did choose the Irish Creme Sampler from Casey B Designs but didn't realize that until last night when I was looking at the posts, HAHAHAHAHAHA NOT going to happen. I need to stitch up my son's girlfriend's March 17/Birthday project so I can send her a picture of it.

Such sad and tearful news from Cross Stitch Crazy, our dear friends husband passed away on March 1. She is such a graceful lady and seems to be so at peace with her husband's passing. I was in non stop tears when I read her message. She is such a sweet lady, I just wish I could comfort her in some way.

As far as dinner last night HA! We had 1/2 a large papaya each which I don't think you are supposed to eat a papaya on it's own, we came to that conclusion and I think the piece we got was on the other side of good, it was sort of mushy but ok. Papaya, strawberries and something else. Tonight our friend said she was coming over with ponsit and spring rolls, mmmmmmmmmmm!

How much longer until baseball starts? I've having withdrawls here! Our poor son said we won't be going to a game this summer, he can't afford the tickets. He has bought tickets for us the past 2 years to pay us back for taking him twice a year for several years. For me, it was a manditory Mommy thing to take him to the games when it was so easy to go, such a rush for both of us to be at Yankee Stadium or Shea Stadium, Fenway Park was horrible, very unfriendly people there, Skydome in Toronto was awesome.

My baby got his birthday present on time and he loves it. My guy will be 2 tomorrow so we got him a fancy wagon, no more of those "little red wagons" anymore, this one has a sun shade and cup holders, places to stow stuff. I miss my kids!

Oh yeah, today is also the anniversary of my divorce from my first husband, we were married 28 days.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happy March

Ok, well my photobucket is back open again and I can see pictures from other albums as well. Let's hope it stays that way for awhile.
Ok folks, step right up, be the first one on your block to own these! Brand new, Limited time offer (and probably ONLY in this country too!) Yummy Vanilla Fresh, Cappuccino Mint, Lemon Lime and Chocolate flavors. What am I talking about you ask? How about those flavors in Close-Up toothpaste? I already have the Chocolate, took that home with me last summer, nobody wanted to try it though. Yes, I did buy the Vanilla Fresh and the Cappuccino Mint, Cappuccino Mint is ok, does taste like cappuccino, I tried it. I guess those aren't as bad as the "Barf" brand of laundry detergent, scouring powder, bleach and other cleaning products from a few years ago that they sold here. Yes, I bought some of those too.
This was brought on by our Thursday shopping excursion. We stopped at our local older than dirt and dusty too department store where I picked up some DMC Metallic threads on spools made in West Germany and some neon looking floss which is an unknown brand. Had to blow the dust off everything first though.

Then went to the grocery store where I found the toothpaste. Still no saltine crackers, haven't seen Miracle Whip in a couple of years, no decent adult cereal without 5 lbs of sugar. Those stupid baggers annoy the shit outta me. They put two things in a plastic bag, tie it up and put it in the cart, they put cat food in with people food, so I step in and tell them fill the bag! 1 roll of paper towels per bag is insane, put that box of tissues in there too! GEEZE gimme a break! They scowl when they see me come through their register, I tell them how to pack my groceries and stand there and watch them. I don't need 100 plastic bags from every trip to the store. I am going to start saving the bags and taking them back and then see what they do.
I did get stitching done! I finised the stitching part on that biscornu thing I was working on. Now I am adding beads, there are little "bulls-eye" looking symbols on the pattern but nothing on the chart or on the picture of the finished project to tell me what it's for so I am adding beads. Now I need to make the back side or something for the back side and make it into a biscornu and mark that off my WIP list.

Ok, so March is the Stitchathon on Cross STitch Crazy and Needle Nook, so let's see how much stitching I can actually get done this month. I am not going to set goals because I know I won't meet them. I am not doing this month's SanMan SAL project, it's cute, but I have other things to get done.

Last night's dinner was baked salmon with fresh dill, garlic, green onion and butter, steamed cauliflower & carrots and macaroni salad. Thursday nights' dinner was the last of the beef stew that I put some curry powder in. It was REAL good with the curry powder. I told DH last night that I am tired of eating! All I want to eat is maybe some sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and simple stuff like that. No more big meals. I don't have snack stuff in the house anymore so maybe smaller meals will help us both.