Saturday, September 27, 2008

My mom has MRSA

I talked to her this evening and she sounded terrible. My sister said she is doing better, her leg looks a little better but she was having a blood transfusion. Mom has MRSA,
If you are reading this, please say extra prayers for my mom.

My son & his family went home today but my daughter & her son are supposed to come up on Saturday.

It is supposed to rain until Monday due to a hurricane coming up the east coast.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Update from me

My father called this evening to tell me my mother is in the hospital with pneumonia and her leg hurts so bad she can't walk. He said she is not doing well at all.

For those that haven't seen me, there are certain cross stitch message boards I belong to but I can't get to them. I can't log on to Runboard, haven't been able to for a while now, it just doesn't load at all. Yuku is super slow all of a sudden or they are "updating" their site.

My parents are not well at all, my father fell and has a possible wrist fracture and has a splint on it, he cut himself in 2 places because he wears glasses. My mother went on a bus trip to NYC and had pneumonia when she got there and had a MAJOR problem with her leg and had to go to the ER in NYC. She still hasn't recovered but is home. My father has to go have a colonoscopy next week because he is bleeding internally from someplace.

My son & his family have been here for his vacation and we have been busy.

It is getting colder here and the fall colors are here already. S

I went to my Dr. the other day and she said I was doing very well, she was pleased with my weight loss, and my blood pressure was 104/60. I had to have more blood work done today and wont' know the results until Monday.

So sad to think that I'll only be here for 2 more weeks.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Ummmm, brrrrrrrrrrrrr

Ok, so we wake up at 7AM and it's like 36F this morning, BRRRRRRRRRRRR. Let's hope it warms up a bit!

YAY YAY YAY, Daddy's home!!! MINUS LUGGAGE! He HAD his suitcase when he landed in NY, he HAD his suitcase when he checked in with Delta in NY, that is the last he saw it. But then he barely made the flight so he already knew it would't be there. He called about it, the suitcase went from JFK to Atlanta and now back to Manchester, NH! how retarded! But he's HOME and I wasn't cold last night, LOLOLOLOL

Thursday, September 18, 2008


He called as he was boarding the flight to Boston!! WOOOOO HOOOO, he'll be HOME by 5:30!! See ya in a few days, LOLOLOLOL.

He's in the USA

At least according to my flight trackers his plane landed at 11:35AM, only 3 1/2 hours later than scheduled. Still pisses me off though. Waiting on the phone call now.

I WAS in a happy mood earlier, but......

My DH called me from the airport an hour ago saying they were boarding their flight to the US, only IT WAS 3 HOURS LATE!!! His flight was supposed to leave at 0220 Thursday AM HIS time, he called me at 0510AM HIS time to say they were boarding finally. Well according to the flight tracker I am watching, it still hasn't taken off nor have I gotten an e-mail that says it's taken off and I am supposed to, I am LIVID! There is only 1 flight a week on this route. There is no way I can find out anything at this hour (after 11PM right now) He's already missed his connection for his next flight so no telling when he'll be home now.

On the good side, it's official that I have lost 10 lbs. I saw a nutritionist today and she made me feel so much better, I CAN eat the stuff I haven't been eating and she is happy with what I have done so far.

Well I have to go beat on something now to release fustrations.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

General update

It's fall here in the boonie mountains, the temps have dropped and it's really cool at night, fireplace weather, the trees have started turning colors, the air is crisp and clean, the tourists have gone home. It's pretty quiet around here again, the lake water is still one minute and choppy with white caps the next. They pulled the dock and the swim ropes in, put up the picnic tables. It was an eerie kind of stillness and quiet the day after labor day, but tranquil.

My parents have come and gone, they were here for a week with my sister & niece. It was so nice having them visit and doing thing. My mother can be a little on the nagging side and bossy but she is 83. We had a in home spa treatment day on Monday, I won that in August. On Tuesday we went to the outlet area shopping, on Wednesday we drove down to the ocean so my niece can say she was in the Atlantic ocean. It was a bit breezy and cool. The beach was almost deserted. Thursday was their anniversary and 9/11. I took my father out to get some flowers for my mother and I took them out to dinner at a nice place we've never been before. On Friday we worked our way down the highway to visit my son & his family, stopping at the biker famous Weir's Beach. That was almost deserted too, tourist season is over. Then we went to a couple more outlet shops and browsed around. We all went out to dinner at an Chinese/Japanese/American/Italian buffet place and it was good.
I did sit down and stitch one night, I worked on my nieces wedding project but didn't get very far.

Saturday after they left I cleaned up and straightened up. Then Saturday night I had the scary episode in my previous post.
Sunday was spent doing more laundry but mostly lazy and trying to get back on track with my Spark people again.
Monday was a GREAT walk, a GREAT workout when I got home and more energetic cleaning.
Today was another GREAT walk and another pound lost. That is 10 lbs now. yee haw.

It was also my quit smoking anniversary this week, 10 months now smoke free!

DH will be HOME in 2 days! WOO HOOO! So much we want to see and do that I know we won't have 1/2 the time.
That also means I only have 3 weeks left in the real world before going back to hell. The tears have already started while I was walking today and enjoying the beautiful fall air, smells and crisp weather. Where has the time gone?

The last game in Yankee Stadium is fast approaching too, that is so sad that they thought they needed a new stadium, the old one is just fine, too many memories there. I wish I could get YES network so I could watch the specials on that day. For the first time in a decade, they won't be going to the post season, they just suck.

Anyhow, that is my general update.

A scary episode

I had a major scare the other night and ended up calling the police. I was sitting alone in a quiet house and heard a bump. Didn't think anything of it. Head another couple of bumps, went to my bedroom window to see if someone was over next door this weekend but they weren't there. A few minutes later I heard a distinct door rattling, as in something shaking the daylights out of a closed door. I went towards the noise and it sounded like someTHING or someONE was trying to get either IN or OUT of our basement door. There is only one way out or in and that is by that door. It was open earlier in the day so I closed it. I had been bouncing around the House up and down stairs all day so if there was anything or anyone down there they should have heard me. I just panicked when I felt the vibration of the shaking door, grabbed my purse, cell phone and ran to the car, got in and started driving. I don't know where I was going but I couldn't stop shaking. I ended up sitting in the beach parking lot (1/4 mile down the road) and called my DS. They found the number for the State police which is right down the road, 2 miles away. I didn't feel it was urgent enough to call 911. The state police took my statement and apparently transferred the call to the local police. The police chief called me and listened to me whine again and said he would be right out. I sat in my car with it running in front of my house. 25 MINUTES LATER he finally shows up! I told him I felt like a fool but I was all alone and someTHING or someONE was definitely shaking the door. He got his flashlight and his hand on his gun and looked around the side of the house but didn't find anything. No trace of anything trying to dig at the wooden door, no signs (that we could tell) of anything trying to dig out of the door. He did find where something had tried to dig it's way out at some point in time. Since he couldnl't find anything he left after about 30 minutes. I kept apologizing for making him come out but he said it was really ok. I guess that is what we pay taxes for. I have never felt that terrified before, I couldn't stop shaking, I locked all the doors & windows, turned all the outside lights on. I guess it was nothing because there haven't been any noises since. That was Saturday night. The call will probably be in the local police report in the paper this week. Thank goodness only 2 more days till DH gets home!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering 9/11/2001

A somber day today. Remembering the tragedy of 7 years ago. I called our local Chamber of Commerce to see if there were any memorial/rememberence services anywhere in the area and there are NONE!

Today is also my parents 63rd wedding Anniversary, I am taking them out to dinner this evening.

Things are going well sort of, we've gone and done things every day.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thank you

Thank you friends for your gentle hugs & support, it means a lot. I know it has to be hard on my DH to have to deal with this by himself and it is going to feel strange when I go back next(SOB) month.

Well the dr.'s office FINALLY called me back today after 3 days of calling them and said there was a mix up and the paper got put back in my file instead of being sent to a nutritionist, BUT they DID call the one at the hospital and she is supposed to call me. Well that was 3 hours ago and no call yet. Sorry but I can't sit home all day tomorrow waiting for her to call. I'll just muddle along.
I guess I've done something right because I've lost 9 lbs but it has taken almost 2 months. I don't know WHERE the weight went, I'm still the same measurements I was before.

My parents will be here on Sunday for a week, so it should be fun trying to feed them real food rather than what I eat since they are diabetics. I also won't be on the computer much, they just 'get' it. (Yep Velda, Priscilla & Amy are coming, I will tell them you love the lamps) So I will revert to being 16 years old again for a week.
Monday is Spa day, last month my DD & I went to the outlet center for a "Diva Day" thing and I entered a contest for either a day at the spa & full make over, or a day spa treatment for 7 of my friends or a full make over. I WON the day spa treatment for 7 of my friends! So the lady is coming to the house on Monday morning and we'll to the spa treatment thing, that will be FUN!

My niece wants to go to the ocean one day, outlet shopping another day then we'll have to take the grandparents to see their Grandson & great-grandson one day (more shopping). I know we will have a lot of fun.

Then 5 days after they leave, DH comes HOME and things get busy. Sadly that means my vacation will be over and it will be time to go back to hell. WHERE HAS THE SUMMER GONE?

Oh, just for the record, I've been home since May 30 with every opportunity to jump in the car and go to the corner store for cigarettes but HAVEN'T. I am damn proud of myself for that. There have been several trying days here that I have craved one but didn't bother. too much of a hastle to get in the car, hope it starts & drive out to town.

Go Yankees.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another furbaby gone

Our Roxie girl passed away Tuesday night, a week after Miss Oreos. My husband found her under a bush in the front yard. She was deaf, going blind, had no teeth, she had arthiritis in her hip, but she was a cuddly, furry, VERY vocal sweetheart. I am heartbroken once again. The worst part is I can't find any pictures of her on this computer in this country. DH thinks she was sad with Oreos gone and went to join her. They never did get along in life so I know they are cuddling and playing together over Rainbow Bridge.

I just hope our two younger kitties don't join them, I would loose it completely.