Saturday, July 19, 2008

So depressing

I had 2 dr's appts this month, one with my GYN & one with my GP (aka blood pressure dr.) My GYN was proud that I have quit smoking and stayed quit but told me I have to loose 20 lbs by October, I need to cut out ALL white foods, cheese, no bread, rice, potatoes, starches, I need to walk every day just a little bit further ever few days. Ok fine, I'm trying. I'm walking about 30 minutes a day.
So then I go to my GP for a check up. She royally chews me out for my weight being up, my blood pressure being up but never congratulates me on quitting smoking like SHE suggests, FINE! Thank you! She says at my age I should be able to walk 5 miles with no problems and I need to strive to meet that goal, I NEED to cut out ALL carbs, salts, sweets. Ok, bring on the styrofoam, cardboard & water. That was a real morale booster there. so since I had basically fasted since 6 AM the night before, I had a blood draw done. She called me the next day which she never does and says my blood sugar levels are sky high, cholesterol # is through the roof and my thyroid level is high. the thyroid was fine last October. She put me on medication for that and said that would explain why I haven't been able to loose weight and lots of other problems that I've been having. So now I am all bummed out about what the hell to eat! If it is low in calories, it's high in sodium, if it's low fat, it's high in carbs and on and on. I can't eat this, I can't eat that, it's so damn depressing. I just wish I could get straight answers from someone ANYONE who can flat out tell me what I CAN eat and what I CAN'T eat. Ya know, can I eat fresh home made from scratch bean salad? can I eat eggs, can I eat home made vegetable stir fry? Just give me straight answers and make me a list! GEEZE!

Oh yeah, the smoking thing, it's been 8 months, woo hoo. I am sort of proud that I've made it almost 2 months here in the free world on my own without buying OR smoking a cigarette!

I haven't stitched hardly at all or bought stash. I did put in a few stitches when I was at my son's place with my "daughter in law" one afternoon while my 2 grandsons played. I just don't have much energy to do anything.

I joined this site called SparkPeople, it's supposed to be a site to help motivate each other, recipes etc.

Well, that's all the exciting news from this ray of sunshine for now.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July



It's just me today, my kids are grown adults with lives of their own and they don't need mama hanging on. I have a small rack of PIG ribs and a small chicken breast marinating that I will grill later, some corn on the cob, a green salad and mixed vegetables. I cant' have potato or macaroni salad anymore so I guess that will be it. I forgot the watermelon the other day.

I might venture into town later to see what's happening there but for the most part it will be quiet.

The Yankees lost to Boston last night, it was a horrible game, hopefully they'll do better today.
Have a GREAT day no matter what you do today!
Guess I forgot to re set the clock for EDT.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Long time no chat.

It's the start of the 4th of July Holiday here, I have nothing what so ever planned. The tourists have come and all the driveways on my road that are empty most of the year have cars in them now, so it will be a busy, noisy weekend.

I don't post as often as I should because not much happens when I'm on vacation. My olderst Grandson stayed with me for a few days last week we had fun doing things around the house. He will be back again next week for another week.

I made a 6 day trip to visit my parents in NY and got to see my friend Velda. We had a WONDERFUL TIME and she got her lamps. I was so excited to give her lamps to her and lots of other fun stuff too. I'll post pictures later.
I finally got to meet my Grand Nephew Ryan and he is a cutie! He looks exactly like his mommy and with some facial expressions looks like my daughter when she was a baby.
My other niece who had gastric bypass looks FANTASTIC! She looks like a whole other person. My sister is doing great too and we had a GREAT time together.

My DS got his drivers license back! I am SOOOOOOOO happy for him, it means so much. He is also off probation too so he is a free man! Sadly though he is now struggling with high blood pressure and is trying to keep it under control without having to go on medication. He has had to cut out a lot of food and beverages he loves and has lost so much weight that he really doesn't need to loose.

Our garage still isn't done but they said they would be here next week to finish it.
I had some mold remediation work done. Last summer I had tests done for mold in the house and the guy said it was high in the upstairs and he didn't like the way the wall looked downstairs so he came in and cleaned it up. He had to take part of the ceiling down around the fireplace in the living room and spray that down and part of the wall in the downstairs room and spray that. That cost more than we had anticipated but it's done and we're all clean here now.

It's been raining most every day here. A few days have been nice but it seems if it gets over 78 in the house I get so uncomfortable. I did get a new window a/c unit that does a much better job of keeping the place cool. I've tried to stimulate the economy here by shopping, LOL.

I haven't stitched that much, I finished up a Summer exchange piece, a Needleroll for an exchange, and Velda got her Pals project that I finished into a cube. (I need to post pictures of these things.) Now I need to finish one more project for an exchange and mail that off.

I miss my husband and my furbabies but it's nice not to have to cook every day.
The Yankees suck this year, they are not going very well. I did subscribe to MLB.TV so I can watch their games every day. This weekend they play Boston so I will get to watch the games live.

I have had a couple days where I just sit on the couch and channel surf all day. It's not fun to do much else when all it's doing outside is raining.

That's about all for this update. I'll post some things later.