Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Time to re-group

In brief:
I'm back in the Magic Kingdom
I've gained back 10 lbs I lost last year
My diabetes is out of whack
One of my closest and dearest friend has cancer
Jet Lag sucks

So I'm back in hell after 5 months of vacation. Been back since Friday, Oct. 16, or whatever date Friday was. Vacation was too short, too many things not done. I ate stuff I shouldn't have but I did exercise. I joined a gym and went with a new friend I met on SparkPeople and she made me have the ambition to go. So now once I get over jet lag, I need to get back on track.

Yes, one of my dear, sweet friends has cancer. Both lung and brain cancer. I don't want to think about how much longer she has all I want to think about is that I WILL SEE HER IN JUNE OR JULY! I know she said not to cry but sometimes you just can't help it.

I didn't stitch the entire time I was HOME but as I was entering all my new stash in my never ending database I just wanted to start stitching everything! So last night (or this morning) I started stitching the Halloween Biscornu from Dinky-Dyes Designs.

Unfortunately I didn't count enough times and added an extra stitch on the square. I did rip out stitches already so I didn't feel like ripping them out again since I am using silk threads. I will just have to have an extra stitch. I do have the scissors to go with it.

I had an accident with my brand new car too. The day after DH got HOME, we were out and I just made a stupid mistake and smacked into a light pole. Nothing internal in the car was messed up, just the front right bumper. It did cost $3000 to repair but luckily insurance paid most of it.

So that is basically it. Sorry for the lack of communication, I hope to be able to get better about it.