Thursday, August 30, 2007

WOW! Something finally went right!

I had the chimney & fireplace checked this morning and for a change there is NOTHING wrong! It's perfect and didn't even need to be cleaned. He actually said it's in excellent condition and up to codes, just about the only thing in this house that is. Now if everything else would go as smoothly I would be so happy! He said the flue is HUGE to accomodate large fires.

The trip to NY went very nice, my niece's surgery went very well and she is recovering great!
I met up with my good friend Velda on Sunday and we had a WONDERFUL time. I gave her the surprise boxes I had for her and I'm so happy her dresses fit! She gave me a beautiful hand made sewing kit, I will have to post pictures. She also "Flamingo-ed" me, LOL, she gave me a flamingo so now I have to pass on a flamingo to someone else, so watch out, it could be YOU.

WOO HOO, the Yankees beat Boston 2 games in a row!!!

I'm still trying to get the mess with Enterprise cleared up but the Avis car was a mess! First the place was in a hotel and there wasn't much service there. The car was a mess, filthy inside and out, the defroster/defogger didn't work right, the front tires were messed up and the change engine oil soon light came on. I told them about it when I turned it in so I hope it gets serviced before someone else gets it.

Friday, August 24, 2007

I don't know how much more I can take

I went to my local Enterprise car rental place today to pick up a RESERVED rental car for my trip to NY on FRIDAY and they told me my rental with Enterprise was BLOCKED because apparently someone by some last name I have never heard of used MY driver's license and MY credit card in North Carolina (which I have NEVER BEEN TO) to rent a car BACK IN 2004 and it was never paid for!!!! Now, I JUST rented a car in July with no problem, why is this all of a sudden showing up NOW? I asked the guy if he was SURE he put in the right numbers and he said yes, everything matched up! I hurried home, called all over the US trying to get ANYONE who would answer their fucking phone to help me and no one knew who to call or what to do and of course all the offices are closed now. This so pisses me off! I can't take much more this summer, it's been one crisis after another.
I did call another car rental place in another town and reserved a car for Friday morning, so hopefully I will be able to rent one and be on my way to NY.

I am supposed to meet my super good friend on Sunday and I always look forward to our summer meetings and this would break my heart if I couldn't make it. Not to mention the surprise boxes I have for her. I'm so excited about that.

One good thing is that I have a surprise arranged for my DH when he gets home, I'm so excited about it that I want to tell him but I want it to be a surprise too.

I think I FINALLY got all caught up on my stitchy exchanges now, I guess I got overwhelmed with all the ones I joined and then all the shit happened and I got way behind. I SO enjoy participating in exchanges and this really got me upset that I got behind this year.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

August 22

Almost another busy month.
After the plumber put in the new well tank, the well PUMP went out, spewing water all over my laundry room leaking under the wall into the great room downstairs. And of course that was AFTER HOURS too! I raced around and got the water turned off, called them back and they came out on Saturday to put in a new well pump. Another $750. Luckily we have a shop vac that sucks up water so I got that all taken care of.
Now we are getting a new roof put on the house, they are supposed to get that done before my DH gets home in September. Had to have a building permit for that. $35 for just the permit.
Had a second mold test done in the upstairs done yesterday and the guy left his test machine sitting on my kitchen counter. I called him but he hasn't returned my call. I'm leaving for NY on Friday for a few days.

One week I'm sweating with the a/c running all day/eveniing, the next week I feel like turining the heat on. It's been only about 74 during the day and LOW 40's at night. Geeze, it will be snowing by the time my DH gets home.

I have managed to finish an ornament and need to get it mailed.

Some vacation this has turned out to be, one house repair/emergency after another.