Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Works in Progress

I'll see if this works. I put the wip picture next to the finish project picture on some of them.
I have no earthly clue when I started this one, but I think it's been around since 1999. It's small and I could finish it up in no time. It's a Mill Hill bead kit

This one was started in either 2003 or 2004. It was my "Take to the beach" project, I'd stitch on that rather than take one of my "good" projects to the beach when we went on weekends. It's supposed to be an insert for those stupid take apart acrylic mugs and it's stitched on vinyl weave. It's got a mat to go with it but I never started on that.

This is a project from back in 2003, a Christmas Mystery SAL by Pam Kellogg. It's got a ton of metallic floss and beads in it. It's stitched on 28 count opalescent fabric that I dyed black. This is one that I would like to actually finish. It started out as a SAL but I never kept up with it.

Here we have Liberty Angel, another just HAD to stitch project by Leisure Arts. I think the chart was also my first e-bay win too. It's Liberty Angel by Leisure Arts stitched on white opalscent fabric that I think I dyed some strange color. I started this one April 15, 2003. I picked it up again last year and noticed that I had started the project on the wrong fabric thread so I had to figure out how to straighten it up. I was NOT going to start this over! So I stitched 1 row over 1 thread and got it back even. I would LOVE to finish this one in 2007 too but there is a shitload of white, ecrus in it, not to mention backstitching.

This is one I started in an airport somewhere in the world I think in 2004. It's a cute kitty bookmark kit by Pinn Stitch. This would make a good beach project or a project to take with me on planes.

This is another book mark kit from Sudbury House I started on Sept 28, 2006. I love the bright colors in this one. I wanted to take this as a "Stitch on the plane/airport" project so I started it before I left. I never did stitch any on the plane either so here it sits, but this is in a special project tote so all I have to do is grab the tote and off I go.

This is a real pain in the ass project, it's a kit from Dimensions that has all those stitches hanging outside the backstitch lines. It looks so messy so I am trying to stitch fractional stitches instead of whole stitches to make it look neater. I had this thing for flip flops, they look so summery and tropical sort of. I started this Oct. 24 2006 and had to put it away before it went flying across the room.

This is my latest WIP, Scooba Dooba by Raise the Roof Designs. I decided at the last minute to stitch this for my husband who is an avid Scuba diver. I started it, had the sea snake and the waves done then realized I had cut the fabric too small and there was no way to fix it, so I had to start it all over again. This is as far as I got. I took the picture off the leaflet cover, wrapped it in a piece of paper with IOU written on it, put it in an envelope and gave it to my husband for Christmas. He says he likes it. I hope to finish it this year. It's stitched on 28 count white evenweave with Weeks and GAST flosses.

Here is my "What the hell was I thinking" project. Lizzie Kate's 2005 Flip It Stamps. One of my boards was doing this as a SAL in 2006 so I joined. I thought it would be neat to stitch them on one long bell pull. That was a BAD idea, that thing is LONG. I stitched one a month until June, I didn't stitch anymore until I came back from vacation in September. I still have 3 months left to put on. It's stitched on 16 count aida banding with GAST and Weeks floss. The sides of it are filthy. I try to be so very careful to wash my hands every time I sit down to stitch but it's still dirty. I don't know how I am going to clean it since it's stitched with overdyed floss.

That's all that I could find, but I know there are a couple more around somewhere.

I hope you haven't fallen asleep looking at these. I'll try to remember to post pictures when/IF I stitch on any of these.

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Heather said...

Your LK WIP will look fantastic when it's finished Robin. As will all your others.