Thursday, January 25, 2007

January 25

Got up, TRIED again to check e-mail and no connection. This is way beyond acceptable, something needs to be done, this is my link to the real world. Internet withdrawl is NOT a pretty sight.
Finally came back up. It was horrible yesterday, taking between 15-30 minutes for a single page to load and only after 3 refreshes.
The connection held out for a good while, proabaly until around 5PM, most likely when the natives woke up and got online.

It was cloudy and very overcast yesterday afternoon, you could amost smell the rain in the air but nothing. Today it's cloudy again. Husband went diving but I didn't go and sit on the beach.
Husband had a good couple of dives so that is good

I finished the stitching on my blackwork project yesterday, so now I have to add the beads.
I added the beads around the outside and that's as far as I got today. All 48 beads.
Another boreing day here, the high was around 88 so I guess winter is over.


Sally said...

Hi Robin,
Hope you manage to get sorted with your connection.
Ypur blackwork piece is gorgeous. I love the blue you have used.

Paula said...

Hi Robin,
love your January blackwork. Hope you get your internet connection back soon, it's horrible being without.
Oohhh what lovely little "darlings" you have living beside you....NOT! Kids have no respect this days!

Julie said...

hope you internet connection is working properly by now Robin

lovely finish on the blackwork, beautiful colour

xsquared said...

Ugh, so sorry you are having internet problems, I know how important that connection is for you!

Your blackwork (bluework? LOL) is beautiful!

Mary Ann said...

Hi Robin,

I do hope your internet connection is worked out soon so that you can stay connected with no problems or waiting!

And, the January blackwork is gorgeous--love the color you used!!