Wednesday, January 24, 2007

January 24

Got up, got dressed, TRIED to check e-mail and boards. Today the damn internet connection is horrible. There is a connection, but it's taking 5-10 minutes for pages to fully load, if at all. This is beyond annoying. I suppose I should just be glad we have internet in this god forsaken place. Our friends on dial up can't even connect at all. While I wait for pages to load I play Hoyles Solitare games.
WAHOO it's the weekend here, Wednesday here is like Friday in the REAL world, our weekends are Thursday & Friday.

The brats are out playing in the street screaming as usual. I'll be glad when school is back in again.

My Blackwork SAL project is going along so fast. I just follow the pattern and stitch, I looked at it inbetween threading the needle and I can't believe how far I've gotten.


Karen said...

Your blackwork looks great I have done a couple of them in jewel floss and I hated stitching in that floss I will re do them in some variegated floss one day.
We have a bus stop opposit the house and the kids waiting for the school bus make a real racket its only for 30 mins or so but I wish they had a volume control

xsquared said...

Love the blackwork! Such a pretty thread color you chose.

Julie said...

blackwork is looking lovely Robin

Kristin said...

Oooh...that blackwork is gorgeous.

Sorry the local hellions are driving you nuts.