Friday, January 19, 2007

Another day over

So today I got up, checked my e-mail, read the boards, stitched, organized my WIP's, checked the boards again then stitched some more. Exciting day huh? The high today was 83.

We had Popeye's delivery chicken for supper, woo hoo!

I did decide I was done with my snowflake bellpull, so now I just have to finish it off and add a couple of crystal snowflakes at the point on the bottom.


Margaret said...

Oh that is so pretty!

the Wild One in the DC area said...

Pretty job on the bell pull and you are doing fine on the blog!!!!!

wiccanstitcher said...

The bell pull is looking great Robin! I love how you had Popeyes chicken, next time I go there I will think of you. :)