Tuesday, January 23, 2007

January 23

Got up, tried to check e-mail and found there is no internet conneciton. All of it is down. Did you know no matter how many times you reset your DLS box and beat on it, if the internet is down somewhere along the line it won't come up? This is just SO fustrating. We got the DLS because of the shitty dial up crap and 1/2 the time lately the internet is down everywhere! So I sat and stitched. This is the progress I made on my Blackwork SAL yesterday and in the early hours of this morning:
I'm stitching it on 28 count white lugana. This month I am using San-Man Strands floss in What a Teal. Each month the floss colors will be different to try and reflect the color of the month.

The bratty kids must be on school break. A whole litter of them were screaming in the street again this morning. These kids are rude, obnoxious, snotty, mean, undiciplined, ill mannered and totally disrespectful BRATS! Plain and simple. They think the whole compound is their playground and they can play WHEREVER they want to no matter who's yard it is. They don't speak or understand English so there is no telling them to go play in their own yards. They just laugh and think it's funny when you try to tell them go away. I was told 5 years ago when we moved to this villa on this street that it would be kept as a "Westerners" only street and NO "locals" would live here. HA, not so anymore. I so want a fence put up between my house and the houses on either side to keep the brats out. THEY are the ones who need to put the fences up since they are so anal obsessive about their privacy.

It is another nice, breezy, fairly cool day today. The thermometer said it was 93 at 2:30PM
Stitched for a couple more hours on my project, it is stitching up so fast, I can't believe it. Today I put in 1051 stitches in almost 5 hours.


Jacqui said...

Just been reading through your blog, you've done some really lovely work.

Mary Ann said...

Robin the San-Man blackwork piece is looking great!!