Wednesday, January 31, 2007

January 31

It's WEDNESDAY! The weekend! (Same as Friday to in the REAL world)
Got up, dressed, straightened up my stitching area, checked e-mail & message boards. Tried to vacuum but nothing is getting cleaned up. Checked the bag, cleaned out the wheels, the brush bar, the belt holder thing and still nothing. So much for my wednesday cleaning. Today does not seem like it's going to be a good day.

I thought those snotty brats had gone back to school but ALL morning it has been slam the door, scream, cry, slam the door, throw toys at the sister, scream, cry, slam the door, push sister down, scream, cry, slam the door. Kick the soccer ball at the 2 week old brand new car in our drive way, laugh, kick the soccer ball into the bushes, laugh, slam the door, scream, cry, throw stones at each other in the street. I'd love to just slap them all, complaining does no good either.

I stitched for quite awhile today and I'm very proud of my progress. To some it may not look like much at all, but it looks great to me. It's Scooba Dooba that was supposed to be a Christmas present for my husband but I didn't get it done in time. If I knew it would stitch this fast, I would have kept at it.

What greed! One of the boards I post on was having lots of contests. I entered 2 because I LIKED what the person was offering and I KNOW I would stitch them. I just noticed 1 persons name on 42 STRAIGHT posts, some of them all posted within seconds of one another. That is just plain GREED! Either that or trying to bump up post counts.


Jacqui said...

You've made lots of progress on the dolphin picture, it's beautiful.

~Velda said...

cute piece hon! Hey can you tell I'm catching up on all my blog reading lol

Margaret said...

Oh this piece is looking so cute! I'm glad you're back to it.