Sunday, January 21, 2007

January 21

This is NOT a good day to stitch at all.
Got up, checked email and boards. I got my days mixed up again which is nothing new. One group is starting a blackwork SAL project and another group is starting a stitchathon. So I thought I would check the fabric I cut the other day one more time and start stitching. The fabric is too SMALL AGAIN by atleast 3 inches all around. So off I go to cut another piece. Get that cut, sit down to stitch. Annie cat jumps up in my lap, a white cat that sheds when she breathes and likes to roll around in the dirt so she is always dirty. She tries to rub up against the WHITE fabric, so I let her out. Sit down again, Roxie starts screeching to go out, if you do NOT let her out, she pisses and shits on the floor, so out she goes. Sit down again, put in a couple stitches, realize Hey, it's NOT Monday, it's only Sunday. Put that project away. Let Spot cat in. Drag out Liberty Angel, try to find exactly where I am on this damn project, get settled to stitch. Stitch 7 stitches, change colors, spot cat jumps up on my stitching table and lays across the paper that has my threaded needles in it, put him out. Put in 6 stitches of another color. I HATE this kind of stitching and this project has so many of those. 5 stitches of this color here, 3 stitches of that color there etc. I'm about ready to toss it. Spot cat comes in, jumps on the table again and sprawls out knocking stuff off the table. I give up. Straightened up stiching table and walked away. It's only 2 PM.
I plodded on with Liberty Angel and got maybe a whole 100 stitches done today. not a whole lot of progress there.

YAY YAY YAY! I got to talk to my daughter on IM and all her birthday presents arrived! I am so happy they did! I got her a Vera Bradley lunch tote, a nice bouquet of flowers and a gift certificate to an ONS! Her husband and son got her a GC to FAshion Bug. I just love spoiling my kids!
I sat down to stitch after midnight to starty my SAL & Stitchathon and got in almost 180 stitches before going to bed. Good thing I checked it, I was off by 1 thread and it would have messed up the whole thing.

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