Tuesday, January 30, 2007

January 30

Flew out of bed this morning, my clock said 9:15AM. After looking at the clock on the coffee maker, it was only 8:05AM. Not that I had anyplace to go but I get more done when I get up at a decent hour. The voltage fluctuates so much here that the clocks gain so much time. I have since re set my clock. Checked e-mail and message boards, my connection is still holding up GREAT! Maybe it was just a glitch somewhere.

I kitted up 2 projects for February. February Heart Sampler by The Monkey Works and my San Man SAL project. I hope to be able to stitch another small Valentine project in February.
Nothing exciting to report the rest of the day. I "stitched" on Liberty Angel, all 50 some stitches. Watched an "interesting" episode of E-Ring.


Julie said...

must be awful with the clocks changing all the time Robin, at least they go forward and not back, you could have stayed in bed all day LOL

Tina said...

YEAH for the internet still holding up!!!

~Velda said...

Oh no! lol I would have been freaking had it been that late! I'm definately a "get it done in the morning" person!