Sunday, January 21, 2007

January 20

Today is my dear daughter's 29th birthday. Unfortunately I'm not there to make her a cake or celebrate with her, so a phone call later will have to do. I did send her a couple of gifts I bought online, I just hope she got them in time.
Got up, went to check e-mail, nothing is working, only 1 board comes up and that is all. Had to reset the stupid DSL box 5 times before anything would work. Checked e-mail, read boards then sat down to stitch for awhile. I am finishing the hemstitching on my January snowflakes sampler and it just breaks my heart to have to cut off a few inches of the beautiful fabric it's stitched on. I have learned though that stitching this series of patterns to stick with the recomended fabric because cutting and hemstitching opalescent Jazlyn instead of plain Jobelan is more difficult since there are more threads to a cut.
I tried to call my daughter in the evening but no one answered. :(
Finished the hemstitching on the sampler so now this project is done.

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