Monday, March 5, 2007

March 5

Yesterday was my grandson's 1st birthday and as usual I missed being there. I called to wish him a happy birthday and talked to my son. The baby started walking the night before his birthday. He just pulled himself up on a chair and took off! That must have been so cute! I sent him some Yankees outfits that I ordered online but he hadn't opened his birthday presents yet. He was also getting his own chocolate cake for his birthday. I did get to talk to James and said Happy Birthday. He very distinctly said HI!

I stitched on Scooba Dooba Saturday & Sunday and made a little bit more progress, now it is almost 1/4 done. It's getting too big to put o the scanner now so the pictures won't turn out very good.

Today I started my San Man March Blackwork SAL on the Needle Nook message board. This is the progress I've made so far:
That is what 1363 stitches look like in 4 hours 45 minutes. There was a bit of frogging involved too. I am using San Man strands Picnic in the Park floss for this months project. The color looks a lot better in person that it does here.

I spent most of yesterday updating my online photo website, adding and deleting project pictures and re arranging things. Now I hope I can keep it up to date.

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Sylvyrdragon said...

Wow, you are really moving out on the blackwork. You are ahead of me!!