Thursday, March 15, 2007

March 15

Another surprise from DH. Apparently he bought me a new hard drive for this old computer. I didn't think I needed but one but it is very sweet of him. The only problem is a lot of the programs I have installed and use on this computer won't run with XP or I don't have the original CD's to re install them.

And another surprise this morning. He went to the grocery store early this morning to buy stuff for the corned beef & cabbage dinner tomorrow and brought home 4 HUGE, gooey, sticky YUMMY buns from Cinnabon and coffee for breakfast. What a sweetheart he is!

Day 2 update on Spring Awakens, I need to find a darker color blue for the words Spring Awakens.

And of course I hit publish and nothing showed up on my blog. 2 hours later and it still isn't showing up on my blog.


~Velda said...

Robin that piece is SO gorgeous!!!!!! YAY For hubby!!! maybe he's buttering you up for the "ride back home" lol....gosh you have a heck of a time with technology these days (((Hugs)))

NHStitcher said...

Thank you Velda! You gave me the encouragement to stitch on it today.