Tuesday, March 13, 2007

March 12

Well it looks like I made progress on my anniversary project and of course just when I start making progress it's time to start something else. Tuesday I'm going to start Spring Awakens by Stitchopolis on Sassy's fabric of the same name. Here is my progress on the anniversary project:

All day one of my boards was messed up, I couldn't get any new posts to show up and another board just wouldn't load at all. So I had to delete all temp files, delete cookies, clear history files, log out, log in, reboot my computer and my DSL box and finally things worked for awhile until I logged off the internet. Then the same thing happened again and I had to go through all that nonsense again. That is getting fustrating. It has nothing to do with re setting the clocks because we don't have time changes here.

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