Tuesday, March 20, 2007

March 20

This is what my sister said in her latest e-mail: My father was FINALLY moved to a room 24 hours after going to the emergency room.

I went to the ER desk and made my displeasure known and am writing a
letter to the Administrator and Public Relations Dept. No lunch ever
appeared so mom went to the kitchenette across the hall and got him graham
crax and coffee He will be there until Thurs. because they are giving him IV
antibiotics because they can give heavier doses over a longer period of
time. He is looking and feeling much better and has stopped coughing and
spitting up blood. The reason they had him on respiratory precautions is
because they thought he might have TB. He is going to be fine. He did ask
the nurse if she could change the channel on his TV in the ER as he was
tired of looking at all those wavy lines. She looked at him like he was
nuts. I said he was just kidding that he knew it was the monitor.

I started another project yesterday, a Flip Flop ornament that I am doing with a SAL on one of my boards.

One more week for the month long stitchathons

Tracy from San Man originals is having his surgery today and I really hope everything goes well, I will keep him and Sandy in my prayers.

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Heather said...

Oh Robin, you must be feeling stressed out being so far away from your parents at this time.

I hope your Dad's recovery is quick and pain free.