Saturday, March 3, 2007

March 3

It's 1AM Sunday morning, there is a lunar eclipse out, almost 1/2 way complete and the morons are wailing away outside. Howling and wailing and screeching. What the hell is up with that? What is there to carry on about over a lunar eclipse?

My eye is swolen this morning, it doesn't hurt or sting, it's just swollen. These glasses must be so far off my perscription, they are bifocals but in order to see my computer screen I have to look through a very tiny part of the bottom of my lenses. Really annyoing.

While we're on the subject of annoying, these message board posters are getting on my nerves. They're away from the board for a few days or a week or so, they gotta dig up all the old posts from like 2-3 weeks ago and start posting to them so that all the recent new posts end up at the bottom of the page. I mean news and things that happened 2 weeks ago that is over or resolved and they post to it. Then they have to post to finished project pictures from the middle of last month and all they can post is 2 words, the same two words to EVERY project. So far I've opened up 3 posts that I thought were newly finished projects to find that they are from like the 10th of Feb!! But i suppose that is a great way to run up post counts.

I go to start supper and there's no water. DH gets home from the grocery store after saying he's going to pick up supper, gets home at 6:30 with steaks and vegetables saying let them marinade for a couple hours and we can cook them. 8:30!!! No wonder I can't go to sleep until the wee hours of the morning. I am so tired of eating this late.

I am going to stitch a bit on Scooba Dooba Saturday & Sunday. I got out the floss from the kit for my anniversary piece and put a couple stitches in 2 different pieces of fabric that I had chosen and neither fabric will work with the floss colors so I guess I'll stick with plain old white linen again.

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~Velda said...

I'm sorry things have been rough for you Robin!!! Look on the bright side, you're coming home soon!!!!!!!!! (((Hugs))) hope your eye is feeling better soon