Saturday, March 10, 2007

March 10

Stitching update. I sat for 4 more hours stitching my anniversary project today and it doesn't look like I got very far at all. This is going to be a SLOW moving project. I need to pull out the bottom of the L in Pearl and add one more stitch to the side of it to make it even. I HATE having to do that. That blob under my name is supposed to be a flower but it just looks like a blob with green things stitcking out.

After 3 attempts to order something online then having my order cancelled I called the place on my cell phone and was able to place the order. I was trying to order something for my DS as a surprise, I placed the order twice and it got cancelled because of "missing or invalid credit card information" so I checked the information, re-checked, re-ordered and still got cancelled. I told DH about this and he said well when you re-order the item, order me one too. Ok, I reordered again with a different credit card and THAT got cancelled. So I called the place and ordered. The guy had no idea why it got cancelled and he didn't know what to do, so I placed the order again with a live person and it went through. DH checked both of the credit card statements on line and nothing had been charged except the last phone order and all of the information was right on both statements. Now I can't wait until my DS gets the order!
WOO HOO!! An update to the order, it's been shipped! I got an e-mail from them this evening. I can't wait to hear what DS says!

After sitting for almost 4 hours on Thursday re-charting my 30th anniversary project I just found the center of the motif I want as my focal point, found the center of the fabric and started stitching. I am going to center all the other motifs over and under the center one and just go from there, it will eventually be made into a bellpull. Here is what it looks like after 2 days of stitching. Not really much progress. I am stitching it on 28 count white opalescent lugana fabric with Anchor brand floss. This was a kit that I bought from an online shop.

My daughter enjoys cross stitching as well. When people post about new designs they see, we both usually look at them. We saw a new design the other day and we both like it so I think I am going to order it and we can stitch it together during the summer. That will be neat to do a mother/daughter project.

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Margaret said...

So strange about the order not going through.

Your bellpull is going to be lovely.

And can't wait to see you mother/daughter project!