Monday, March 19, 2007

March 19

My sister sent me an e-mail last night that my father was taken to the hospital by ambulance yesterday. He was having trouble breathing and they found out he has pneumonia in the upper left lobe of his lung. They were going to keep him overnight to see how he does. Naturally my mother got him all upset and "cranky" while they were in the ER. I hope everything is ok because I don't think I can get there right now with all the cancelled flights to Central NY with all the snow. He just had hernia surgery last week and is recovering from that.

I got stitchy snail mail on Saturday!! I was so excited, that brightened my VERY miserable, upset day. I got a very nice package with 5 beautiful pieces of fabric and some craft foam from a friend that I am going to do a SAL with starting today. I am so excited that this envelope got through and wasn't even opened!
Sunday I also finished a small pointsettia ornament, it was part of a SAL on a board I post on. So another ornament done for my ornament tree. I also started another project called Easter Spots by the Trilogy.

Last week one of my kitties was sick, very sick, I thought she was going to die. Come to find out there is a pet food recall out and she had eaten one of the pouches that was in the recall. I was so upset to read this, I almost lost my kitty because of that. She is much better and is back to her normal self now.
A couple of other things have happened here but I am MUCH TOO ANGRY to even try to talk about it. Let's just say if this was any other country, these asshole brats would be in jail!

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Karen said...

Robin I am glad your cat is feeling better , nothing worse than a sick pet.
I hope everything is ok with your father