Saturday, March 24, 2007

March 24

I called my father at the hospital the other day. He sounded ok but not his usual self, but I guess that can be expected when you are ill. He is doing much better but still has to have breathing treatments 2 or 3 times a day. He wasn't sure just when he would be going home.

There were pretty scary sounds the other night. DH was on the couch watching tv and I was on the computer. I heard a very LOUD BANG, I looked over at DH and he asked if that came through the speakers on the computer and I told him no. He went out on the patio and I followed him out. We could hear "popping" noises, he told me to get back in the house now. I froze. He went around to the front of the house and saw the guy across the street looking around too. He then came inside and went upstairs on the balcony and looked around. He came back and said he didn't hear any sirens so it must have not been much. We heard another loud bang and he went back outside. The guy across the street said he went up to security and asked what the noise was and they said it was "kids playing with fireworks". I kept hearing those loud bangs a couple more times. So far we haven't heard just what it was but kids do play with all kinds of fireworks here. It was pretty scary for a few mintues though.

I didn't do any stitching at all Friday. I just didn't feel like it. Still trying to figure out this XP & IE 7 thing.
DH leaves tonight for a business trip for a few days so maybe I'll get some serious house cleaning done.


~Velda said...

Keeping your dad in my prayers..........that popping would have scared me too yikes! darn kids (((Hugs))) XP/IE7 took me about 2 weeks to figure out, if you need help, holler!

Paula said...

Glad your dad is sounding better, will keep him in my prayers.
That popping noise would have scared the s*** out of me...and dh saying "get back inside now" would have scared me more lol.
Glad it only turned out to be kids playing with fireworks.
Have fun stitching while dh is away.tut forget the
Happy Stitching....