Sunday, February 4, 2007

It rained!

Sometime between when I went to bed and woke up this morning it rained. Apparently it didn't rain too long because our street isn't flooded but enough to pack the dirt in the yard and make a large puddle on the patio. There are a couple of puddles in the street but not many. It's still grey but the sun is shining.

Supper tonight will be interesting. For my birthday in October, my husband got me a T-Fal deep fryer and we have yet to use it, until tonight. I asked DH yesterday if he would like corn dogs for supper tonight and he said yes. Corn dogs, hush puppies, fried mushrooms and some vegetables. Ok so he goes to the grocery store and comes home with: Cauliflour, eggplant, mushrooms, zucchini, onions, broccoli and the hot dogs, so I guess we're going to get to finally use the fryer. It should be an intersting meal. I told him I would NOT fry the broccoli, that does not sound appetizing.

Today I need to kit up the project for the San Man SAL since it starts on the 5th. Yesterdays progress on February Heart Sampler by The Monkey Works:

Epilogue to dinner: Well we used the deep fryer, made some mistakes and made notes for next time. It took 3 hours to cook everything, 3 HOURS! I started cooking at 6, we didn't eat till 9, WAY too late in my book. Next time I won't cook as many things that's for sure. The eggplant was horrible, the zucchihi was soggy, I cut the onions too thin. The corndogs and hushpuppies were yucky but it was the recipe for the batter, too spicy. Live and learn, now I have a mess to clean up.


Julie said...

pretty colours on the heart sampler Robin

Karen said...

I love your heart sampler its very pretty so far

~Velda said...

oh no!!!!!!! I so badly want a deep fryer...should I , shouldn't I? lol I don't know! ahhhhh, beautiful heart sampler!

NHStitcher said...
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NHStitcher said...

Velda, I LOVE my deep fryer, I just gotta get the recipes right.