Wednesday, February 7, 2007

February 7

It's grey and overcast this morning, the weather page says it's supposed to rain today but I hightly doubt it will rain here, maybe on the outskirts of the city but not in the city.

This is the progress I made yesterday on my San Man SAL. It is slow stitching because of the thick fabric.

Those poor men, at the afternoon wailing hour the little boy was back screaming again, that poor cow is still dying and that other wailing man is getting that vice twisted more and more and it sure sounds painful.


Paula said...

Hi Robin, I love your sal start and the fabric. I've had to put mine down this week to stitch on my Middy sal but I will pick it up again on Sunday.
Looking forward to seeing more of yours too.

~Velda said...

yes I'm finally catching up on my blog reading what exactly is wailing hour?

NHStitcher said...

LOL V, the wailing hour is all the 5 daily prayer calls. We only hear 4 since I'm asleep at 4:30AM