Wednesday, February 21, 2007

February 21

Another very fustrating day here, PMS must be kicking in today. You can tell it's Wednesday and the weekend, the internet is messed up again. I'm afraid to reboot the stupid ISP box for fear it won't come back on again.

One of the boards I post on is an absoulte mess! We moved over to the new board and it's been so messed up almost weekly it seems. Why did we even move over there if it's still in test mode?

I caught those damn neighbor brats trying to drag one of my cats out of MY YARD again today. They were trying to drag poor Max out from UNDERNEATH OUR CAR! I went out there and told them to leave the cat alone. The maids or nannys or whoever they are were just standing right there and did absoultely NOTHING!!! They gave me dirty looks of course for yelling at those snotty kids. Then the phone kept ringing during the evening and it was more snotty asshole kids that play with the phone all the time. I so wish we could get the caller ID activated on these phones so I know which villa these kids are calling from so I can report them too.

At least I made more progress on Scooba Dooba today. I did set a goal for what I wanted to stitch today and I got 95% of it done. I'm pretty pleased.

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xsquared said...

Yuku is frustrating me too - I've been pretty scarce over there. I figure I'll get back to posting more often once the problems have calmed down. I hope your internet stays up!