Saturday, February 3, 2007

February 3

Got up with a screamin' headache today, checked e-mail & message boards. Full day of housework today. So far I've cleaned the master bathroom, guest bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room, tried to vacuum but the belt is burning so I had to stop, straightened up the spare room upstairs, straightened up my stitching table, straightened up the dining room table so now it's time for a short break.

Tonight was the last episode of West Wing here, one of my favorite shows is over. I know it ended in the real world last year or something like that, we're a bit behind here. The last episode of Third Watch was on a couple weeks ago too. I hope they replace those shows with something decent. I wish they would bring back Las Vegas and Gillmore Girls though. At least we have the Discovery Channel now so I can watch American Chopper and Mythbusters. I'm also addicted to Everwood, One Tree Hill, Related, CSI and Boston Legal. We're way behind on all those shows too.

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~Velda said...

wanna come and clean my house! lol sounds like you had a very productive day!