Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Another great day

Got up, dressed, checked e-mail & message boards then went outside on the patio again at 11:15 and stitched until 3:15 I started my San Man SAL called Oh Holly Night. I'm stitching it on 32 count green hand dyed fabric with a mixture of flosses. This fabric is really thick and heavy, I have no idea where it came from either. I don't remember if I got it in an exchange, if I won it in a contest, if I bought at at Yankee Cross stitch or if it was in a grab bag from an ONS.

More beautiful weather so it was very relaxing........until the brats from next door came out to play. One brats new thing is to take the plastic rocking horse by the handle and drag it up and down the street following the rest on their ride on toys and scream because she can't keep up. So I got out my little "boom box" and blasted my music to drown them out.

It was now noon wailing hour. There was a little kid wailing from one direction, another one sounded like a sick cow dying and yet another one was screeching like he had his balls caught in a vise.

Miracle of miracles! The TV was NOT on at ALL today! What a nice relaxing treat. So far today I've stitched for 6 hours


~Velda said...

I think I need to move to saudi, 6 HOURS Of stitching! AHHHHHHHHHHHH one can only wish around here lol -- a vise huh? ouch!

NHStitcher said...

That's the one plus side to being here, I get a lot of stitching done.