Tuesday, February 27, 2007

February 27

I skipped a few days but when nothing exciting happens, there isn't much to talk about. I had a major headache for 5 days and nothing touched it. I took my tylenol, excedrine migraine and nothing worked. It finally went away last night.

I finished my February Cupid's Heart sampler from the Monkey Works Designs. This one took a long time to decide to finish and it feels like I'm getting worse on the hemstitching finish instead of better.
I started the March Sampler on Monday.
I spend 2 days getting all my stash re-organized and kitting up projects for March. March will be a month long Stitchathon on 2 boards I belong to so hopefully I can get some serious stitching done.

H & I were discussing vacation dates on Sunday. I was surfing the airline sites looking at flights and prices and of course they aren't cheap anymore. I am trying to get out of here on or around June 1st and when I told him I put in a return date of October 16, HE said it would more like October 27!!! I couldn't believe it! I'll actually get a REAL birthday in the USA!! Woo Hoo! Of course we still won't fly back together, we do NOT fly well together at all. So one of these days we need to go see a travel agent and get these reservations done! Maybe a longer vacation means I can participate in more stitchy exchanges on my boards!

It's been 90 here during the day and a little humid, so winter and spring are over.


~Velda said...

HURRAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! Maybe we'll get in TWO visits this year instead of just ONE!!!!

xsquared said...

What terrific news! My fingers are crossed that you get a nice long vacation this year! :)

So sorry to hear about your headaches :(