Friday, November 30, 2007


Sneeze, blow, sneeze, blow, blow, blow, then blow, sneeze blow some more. I don't know what this is but all I've been doing for 2 days is blowing my nose. I don't know if it's allergies or a sinus infection or a cold but IT'S ANNOYING! My nose is sore and red and once in awhile my eye itches like crazy. I looked in the medicine cabinet and there's LOADS of stuff for heartburn, acid reflux, asprin but NO SINUS stuff. That is going on my USA shopping list. For now it will have to be chicken soup, green tea and warm compresses.

An update from the Gramma hormones from yesterday, I dug into that bottomless box and pulled out Christmas placemats, napkins, table linens, my light up santa hat,(which will go in my carry on so I can put it on before I get off the plane in New Hampshire) my HUGE present hiding bag, and a couple of assorted other Christmas decorations and they are already packed in my suitcase.

I still haven't sat down and stitched today, I went on a blog reading frenzy after those blogthings, LOL.

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