Thursday, November 29, 2007

General rambling

If you are easily offended by personal hygiene talk then you should close out now, this is just a warning.

So you've heard the saying smelling like a rose? Well I don't know what the difference is in the exact same product made in the USA with the product made here but last week I bought a small package of Carefree personal hygiene wipes, supposed fragrance free. Well they're not! I do like roses, but not when certain body parts smell like roses, UGH!

The SanMan message board went down yesterday and came back up this morning. The only thing was the board was dated back to October 14, before I left the states. I feel sorry for Sandy since she just cleaned up the board, had a lot of her freebies throughout the year reposted, that was a lot of work to do. Now most of the ladies on that board are more concerned about their post counts than they are about all that hard work being lost! What a lot of nerve some of those ladies have! I also don't think 1/2 of them actually READ anything, they are adding their names to contests that ended back in October.

Another smoke free day! I went outside to bring the cat in for the night and it just stunk out there, it smelled like someone was burning a truck load of cigarettes in my front yard, my nose must be extra sensitive now that I've quit.

I sat down and stitched a bit on a new piece that Is tarted yesterday. It's called An American Christmas by Lady Bug Lane designs. I've had the pattern and the silk flosses for several years now and decided to stitch it up. At least I'll get a few stitches done the last couple days of the Stitchathon at Needle Nook.

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~Velda said...

Hell YA you can say you quit smoking, and I'm STILL so proud of you!!!!!

Grandma, guess what??? TWO MORE WEEKS!!!!!!!! Oh what I wouldn't give to find the time (and money) to come and visit you in december!