Monday, November 19, 2007

November 19

WOO HOO! I finished a project! It only took me 2 weeks to stitch a little ornament. This is for an exchange on one of my groups. It's from the 2007 JCS Ornament issue and it's stitched on 32 count Champagne Cocktail opalescent fabric from Enchanted Fabrics.
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I've been doing well, only slipped twice so far since Thursday which I think is excellent! I'm taking Chantix (sorry, don't know how to just make the name the link) to help me quit as well. I don't feel that it does anything what so ever except make me feel nauseous from time to time.

Not much else happening, DH switched ISP's again and this one flat out sucks. Our ISPs here are "pay as you go" type things like your cell phone service. You buy an internet card at the store, it gives you a phone number to dial up on your computer, you type in the scratch off PIN number on the back of the card and you have 30 days of internet service by that provider. This one is almost slower than dial up and we are supposed to have "high speed".

I finally got my new stash sort of put away yesterday, at least I took it out of my suitcase. I either need to find a bigger box for the patterns or I need a new box, they all won't fit. There are SO many patterns I want to stitch but I am just stuck in a stitchy slump. I need to finish another ornament, finish my nieces wedding project that didn't get done in time for her wedding in July, start and finish a project for my son's girlfriend for Christmas. I need to stitch those first before I stitch something for me.

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