Wednesday, May 9, 2007

May 9

I haven't posted much in awhile because nothing ever changes here.
Hmmmm, Yuku is at it again, I can't get to my Cross Stitch Crazy board no matter how I try. Log out, log in, delete temp internet files, reboot, log out, log in, hit control F5 and still nothing. This sucks! Just when I get everything with that stupid Yuku working right after 3 weeks I can't get there.
Yesterday it was 104F at noon time and it's only May. So glad I'll be gone from June until the middle of October.
Mmmmm, limited edition Chocolate flavored Close-Up toothpaste, just what every kid needs. It does have cholcolate flavor but it does work.

I added my May stitching goals to the side bar but I doubt I'll get them done. I'm just in a funk lately, don't feel like stitching or doing much of anything, stitching or otherwise.
I'm not overly excited about the trip home, getting to the airport here is a traumatic experience in itself with the maniacs driving, the airport is undersized and over crowded and there is absoultely no control over lines or organazation, so much pushing and shoving then you have to get there at least 4-5 hours before the flight to make sure you even get inside the airport, through security, get checked in and get successfully through passport control. Sometimes it's so very quick and easy and other times you hope you make your flight even though you've arrived 5 hours before flight departure. Then there is the hastle of going through Paris CDG this year, I HATED it the first time I went through and just wanted to cry. I just want to get home and hug my babies!
I've had a couple of finished projects recently
May blackwork project done as a SAL on the Needle Nook board, I also joined the bookmark exchange for June.

This is a finished project for an exchange called Stitch It Forward on CSC board. I have joined the Rainbow Exchange and the June Color My World exchange so far.

This project is for a Red White & blue tuck ornament Exchange on the Tranquil Stitchers board. It will go into a little tuck ornament waiting for me when I get HOME. Hope I can join more exchanges this summer.

I tried getting things organized and make up my list of exchanges I am thinking about joining this Summer. I got my list made up and tried selecting patterns, fabric and flosses to get them kitted and ready to stitch but while I was doing that I kept getting "help" so I just had to give up. This is our spoiled daddy's boy kitty Spot. He knows he is NOT allowed on tables and such but he thought he was trying to help.


hollyday said...

Your finishes look great! I hope your trip home goes well with no problems. ((Hugs))

Margaret said...

I love those blackwork pieces!!!


By the way..... I tagged you on my site....