Sunday, May 27, 2007

May 27

Contrary to what my vacation ticker says, I have 4 days until I leave! My flight leaves at 00:45 (that's 12:45AM local time), get into Paris, wait there a couple hours then land at 3PM Local time in Boston on Friday June 1! As of this writing I have 23 more wailing hours left to listen to, even less if you don't count the 5AM prayer call that I don't usually hear.

Woo Hoo, the Yankees actually BEAT Boston 2 out of the 3 games they played last week. But they have lost to the Angels this weekend.

I guess I'm slowly getting things packed, just need to clean up around the house a bit and get my stitching mess put away.

I finished a couple projects this week, a bookmark for an exchange at the Needle Nook. They are just some local design motifs that I put into one design. I have to take out the top border and re stitch it, personalize it, iron it and it will be ready. I stitched the side & top borders on my sewing machine.

I also finished an ornament in case I join any Ornament in July exchanges on any boards. It's just called Peace. I know some people prefer to wait to see who they have for a partner before they stitch projects like this but I think the pattern is nice no matter who I have for a partner.

I started another one the other day, stitched for about an hour and realized it didn't quite look like the same thing I had stitched for myself last year. The fabric was the same or so it looked like it was but it is so much larger. Come to find out I have the same excact fabric that is labled exactly the same but it IS different fabric. It says it's 20 count Valerie fabric with silver threads running through it but apparently 1 package is an evenweave and one is an aida. The aida is the smaller of the 2 and is the same size as the one I have already stitched but the evenweave piece makes the pattern larger. So I started over stitching it over 1 on the aida type fabric. I hope to finish it up today.


Margaret said...

Well Robin...... I'm hosting the Christmas in July Ornament Exchange on CSC and I'm sure I can match you up with the perfect person for that ornament!

Both finishes are lovely.

And you're almost here!!

NHStitcher said...

That would be GREAT Margaret!

Paula said...

I like your finishes Robin, they are lovely.
You must be really looking forward to getting "home". Have a safe trip.......