Saturday, May 12, 2007

May 12

I talked to my daughter and her mother in law is having a lumpectomy on the 22 then she will have radation after that. My daughter says she is coping well with everything so that is a weight off my mind. I sent her flowers for Mother's Day so I hope that cheers her up a bit.

I sent my mother flowers for Mother's day too and she called this morning to let me know they arrived and she loves them.

I'm still in this funk where I just don't want to do much, I stitch a little bit every day but not much at all. At this rate I won't get the exchanges done that I want to participate in.


~Velda said...

I join you in your funk ((hugs))

Happy Mother's Day!

Julie said...

hope everything goes well for your daughters MIL

Paula said...

Hi Robin, hope your DD's mil is ok..will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.
I've tagged you in my blog... :-)

Terry said...

I hope you get over your funk soon. You will soon be home with your babies!!!