Friday, July 6, 2007

July 6

I haven't posted in over a month, since I've been HOME. I'm not on the internet much, too many things going on. It's SO GOOD to be HOME, I can go where I want, when I want, dressed however I am at the moment. It rained the first 5 days I was home and I was so sick for almost a week after getting home. My allergies were acting up so much because of the pollen and the FRESH mountain air. Its so good to have peace and quiet, no miserable brats screaming, no wailing hour blaring and no brats playing with the phone at all hours.

It's so wonderful to hug & kiss my kids and grandsons and to cook for them again. My little grandson comes up to visit every weekend with his mommy & daddy.

My daughter and 7 year old grandson were here for the 4th of July so I got to do a 4th of July cook out. I was excited that I actually cooked something on the gas grill which I have never done for myself before. (I know a piddly little thing to some, but a great step for me)
I drove to Central NY to visit my family and surprise my sister for her 60th birthday which was so much fun.

I've made a trip to Yankee Cross Stitch to meet an online stitching friend, made 2 trips to ABC Stitch Therapy, been to Hunters' Needle work, Keepsake Needlearts & the quilt shop and I loved it all.

I haven't finished any stitching projects except my bookmark exchange. I've hardly stitched at all. I need to get busy and stitch a project for my nieces wedding on the 15th. So much for the Summer Stitchery Exchange at Cross Stitch Crazy, no one bothered to set it up. I asked about it but no one bothered to reply. Oh well at least I get to keep the piece I stitched.

I mostly spend my time watching the tv shows and channels I don't get to watch overseas. Plus I get to watch the Yankees baseball games at normal times. They are doing so miserable this year, but I guess all the teams have good years and bad.

Ah yes, the rumble of thunder through the sky, we're in for another day of FRESH, CLEAN rain.


~Velda said...

AND you get to see ME in august! lol I'm glad you're enjoying your time home :)

NHStitcher said...
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NHStitcher said...

AND I CAN'T wait! Just wish I was able to go to Chicago to meet everyone else, but family comes first.

Karen said...

sounds like you have been enjoying your time back in the States. Have fun with your visiting