Thursday, April 5, 2007

More news on my father

And it's GOOD news! I got another e-mail from my sister Wednesday:
I just wanted to let you know that dad went to the hematologist today for the results on his bone marrow and the news is good. He does not have leukemia or any other diseases of the blood to worry about. He just needs to continue taking his B-12 pills. All of his bloods values are within normal limits, including his blood sugar. Please thank all of your friends for their prayers for him. He truly appreciates them.

Well, the internet censor idiot morons are at it again. My photobucket account is blocked and I can't access it. I can see some pictures posted by photobucket but not many. I can see the ones I have posted on the message boards but I can't get into my account! I sent them 2 "unblock requests" but I bet they just delete them without reading them. I never get a reply from them either. I also went to MySpace yesterday and EVERYTHING past the home page is blocked. Next thing you know, they'll block Blogger too! This REALLY pisses me off.

The Yankees game for Wednesday was cancelled due to rain, but the METS won their game 10-0 !! I root for the Mets in the National league.

The other day I started stitching a project called Stuffed Square Easter Eggs by San Man originals but I just can't get into the stitchy mood after the month long stitchalong. I am stitching this project on 32 count Witches Brew hand dyed fabric from Enchanted Fabrics ( with DMC floss.

Wow, another snow storm has hit HOME. Snow, rain and cold. Glad I'm not there yet, but I DID get my plane ticket the other day.


Paula said...

Robin, so glad you're dad is doing better, you must be relieved.
Are you looking forward to the sanman sal? I love this chart.....
Happy Stitching....

~Velda said...

stupid censors! I saw that a storm was hitting the east coast..we got a sprinkling :) Hurry home girlfriend!

Margaret said...

What a cute Easter piece you have there!

Yay on the good news about your father.

Sylvyrdragon said...

Great news about your Dad!!!

Your Easter piece is looking great!!