Monday, April 23, 2007

April 23

UGH! The Yankees had a miserable weekend series with the Red Sox, they lost all 3 games but not so awful bad. I stayed up all night Friday night to watch the game live on our sports channel and got to see A-Rod's league leading 11th & 12th home runs and he's extended his hitting streak to 21 games as of Sunday's game. They have another go round with Boston next weekend in NY, let's hope it's a better series.

We went to the beach on Thursday. It was a nice break but the wind was blowing constantly and blowing sand everywhere. My face felt like it was sandblasted. I didn't go in the water because it's still on the chilly side and the waves were rough. I did get a little bit of stitching done while I was there but had to keep brushing the sand off my project.

This past week I've been stitching on Scooba Dooba and it's now officially 1/2 done. I am excited about that. As much as I would love to finish it before I go on vacation, I highly doubt it will get done, I have several other projects I need to get done.

I also started and finished my Flip Flop anchor ornament. I stitched that up on Friday and while I was watching the game on TV.

My Yahoo mail has been SO messed up the past few days, I'm not recieving 1/2 of it and more is showing up 2 days after it was sent. I did a test mailing from another e-mail address and it took 8 hours to recieve it. I guess I'll have to start using another e-mail address if I want mail to show up on time.

I need to start making a list of all the stitching exchanges I want to participate in from my varied message boards when I get home so I don't forget any and that will force me to actually sit down and stitch this summer. I don't do much stitching when I'm on vacation but this may give me some motivation. I mostly am addicted to my computer when I'm home because I am in real time with my internet family.

My son & his family were at my house this past weekend and he said it was in the 70's but there was still snow on the ground. Then I get a weather alert e-mail from My Cast weather site that says the area is under a Fire Weather watch! My house is in the woods, my back yard is nothing but forest. There are a few houses near me but lots of woods.


Terry said...

You are making great progress on Scooba Dooba. I hope we get to be in some exchanges together. It is almost vacation time!!

Anonymous said...

Well at least you're making great progress on the Scooba Dooba project. I have to admit, being a Red Sox fan and all, that this past week's sweep was great! But, it's still early in the season. I'm sure your Yanks will get us sooner or later. LOL!