Thursday, September 6, 2007

Photos and more photos

Today was another good day! My husband's surprise is done and ready, I am so excited about this and I can't wait till he gets home! Then I took my Jeep in for service and come to find out there was a recall on it for someting to the shift gear thing. They fixed that for free, but there were a couple other things that need to be fixed soon on it but it won't fall apart like I thought it felt like it was going to do. YAY YAY!! And did I remember to take some stitching with me to pass the time while waiting, NO!! I could have gotten in some great stitching time too.

So I started painting the other day and well the color is inbetween what I thought it would be. I was looking for a pale, barely yellow color and this is yellow. I'm sure it will look better when it is completely finished and things are back in place. Yes, that is my Yankees flag on the door. I can't hang it outside here because it will get stolen just like the last one did. Someone just ripped my other Yankees flag right off the deck while my son and I were sitting in the living room. This is red SUX terrority I guess.

In August I went to NY to visit my parents and meet an online stitching friend Velda in Syracuse. We have met there since 2004 and it's something I look forward to doing every year since. We always exchange "little somethings". This year Velda re decorated her living room in an Egyptian theme so I brought her a whole box full of goodies to add to her displays. I gave her an Arabic Gawa pot, a decorative tea set, a couple of little rug coasters since the real rugs were too large to bring, a pretty purple & tan hassic and a couple of Egyptian type dresses for her and her husband. Here is Velda with her goodie box, my sister is sitting next to Velda.

Then it was my turn. I got Flamingoed, LOL, she gave me a cute flamingo and told me I need to buy a flamingo and pass it on to someone else.

Then she gave me this CUTE little moose and a key chain from Canada, she knows I like moose.

Here is a kit that she gave me too. It was sort of a collaboration kit for the ladies that met in Chicago in July. I sent the fabric for the kits.

Then, OMG! She gave me a BEAUTIFUL scissor and needle case (I hope
this is the right name for it, if not please tell me the name) It is SO pretty, a beautiful purple color. Velda did a fantastic job on it!

I had a GREAT visit with Velda, we shopped, ate, shopped, talked and just had a fun time. Next year the group is meeting in Toronto so I will have to make plans to go.

It seems as though WalMart is doing away with their DMC floss and craft departments so on Saturday we went up there to check it out. I bought 140 skiens at .10 each and went back today and bought a few more but didn't have my list with me. Here is my floss pile from Saturday.

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~Velda said...

well you know you (and your sister too!) are one of my highlights of summer. Oh and I no longer just call you my stitching friend, you are my friend, period. Love ya girl!