Wednesday, August 22, 2007

August 22

Almost another busy month.
After the plumber put in the new well tank, the well PUMP went out, spewing water all over my laundry room leaking under the wall into the great room downstairs. And of course that was AFTER HOURS too! I raced around and got the water turned off, called them back and they came out on Saturday to put in a new well pump. Another $750. Luckily we have a shop vac that sucks up water so I got that all taken care of.
Now we are getting a new roof put on the house, they are supposed to get that done before my DH gets home in September. Had to have a building permit for that. $35 for just the permit.
Had a second mold test done in the upstairs done yesterday and the guy left his test machine sitting on my kitchen counter. I called him but he hasn't returned my call. I'm leaving for NY on Friday for a few days.

One week I'm sweating with the a/c running all day/eveniing, the next week I feel like turining the heat on. It's been only about 74 during the day and LOW 40's at night. Geeze, it will be snowing by the time my DH gets home.

I have managed to finish an ornament and need to get it mailed.

Some vacation this has turned out to be, one house repair/emergency after another.

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Anonymous said...

I love your sparkly america at the top of your page now!

Seems like when it rains, it pours! Hopefully you can have it all taken care of and the next time you come home, you shouldn't have to do all this right? Well, hope so anyway!