Friday, July 27, 2007

July 27

What a week! Where to start? How about Thursday the 19Th
Thursday morning-Went to the eye Dr for a check up and found out that the contacts that I have been wearing are NOT supposed to be extended wear like I had thought! They are supposed to be taken out every night. She checked and there was a little swelling in my eye but nothing overly dramatic, did a glaucoma test and found it was "higher than normal" for what they are comfortable with so she will re test when I go in to pick up my new prescription.
Friday-called to try and get my "yearly" Dr. apt, the earliest they had open was Sept 13!!! Guess I need to call in April or May if I want one while I still have time to pay the bills that come in 2 months after the apt. Then tried to set up a mammogram, they will call back. My GP's office never did call back
Monday-Dr's called back with mammogram apt, October 3! I do NOT have insurance so anytime would have been fine since I have to pay for it. Hopefully I will be able to get the results before I have to go back to that foreign country again!
Still Monday-sit down with a list of calls to make and my phone book. Called my insurance co. about renewing my house insurance-secretary said she was on another line and would call back-never got the call back.
Called 3 places about getting my chimney/fireplace cleaned and inspected-1 place the phone rang and rang, no answer. Place #2-Answering machine said they were on vacation. Place #3 got another answering machine and just hung up.
Called my heating company to come check out my downstairs heating unit since NO ONE called me back in Sept after 3 repeated service calls. This actually went well, they came out in the afternoon and checked it out, it lit and heat came out. He said I need to have general service call for routine yearly maintenance so they can check the heaters (I use propane to heat). OK. He leaves and I go to clean my downstairs bathroom.
I find drips on the floor so I run my hand behind the toilet, a huge bolt falls out in my hand thus gushing water all over the floor. Got the water turned off and called a plumber. She took my message and said someone would call. No one called back so I called at 4PM. It was already AFTER HOURS for them!!! It would cost me $200 for an after hours service call plus $150 for each out after that. If it was not still gushing water, call back in the morning. The service manager finally calls me back in reference to my 2PM call so I tell my story again. I need a new toilet plus whatever fixings go with it. OK, they can't get here until Thursday!!! Damn good thing I am the only one in the house!
Tuesday-more calls, finally got hold of my house insurance company and got that settled. Calling my car insurance company to see if I was still insured since I got a notice from that said one part of the company could no longer carry us because of our son's driving record (won't EVEN go into that!)Our insurance went up $1500 a year! If we put him on a separate policy ours will go down. Took down information.
Called 2 more chimney companies, got 2 more answering machines but left a message finally!
Called and got an apt for a mold test and inspection of the house. $100 plus to get that done, but if that is why the house stinks and I cough so bad, then maybe house insurance will cover repairs.

Thursday - the new toilet comes, the man (who looks like he belongs back in 10Th grade)installs it. $350. Then he says while he was working on the toilet, the well pump/tank kept running and it shouldn't. Yep, we need a new well tank now. He made notes and said to call the office back. The service manager called back, a new well tank will cost about $300 plus parts & labor but they can't get out here until Wednesday the 1st but try not to use too much water!!!!
Get a bill for $67 for my heating call.
ok, I need to go to the store, check oil in the car, it's low so I put it in but the car still doesn't sound right or feel right. Guess I need to make a service appt with the Jeep dealer!

It's been warm and very humid the past few days but at least my son put in my tiny a/c unit. It cools the room to barely above somewhat comfortable so I guess it's better than nothing.

I did finally get an ornament finished last night, to replace one that was lost in the mail on it's way TO THE NEXT STATE OVER~!. I can mail stuff from 1/2 way around the world but it gets lost going to the next state over!

My daughter and grandson will be back for another week on Saturday, I hope we get to do some of the things we planned on in between all these service/repair calls! My son in law is supposed to come up too to do some yard work for me. Hopefully he won't be too miserable and will check my car for me since he's a professional mechanic.

If you got this far, CONGRATULATIONS, I just needed to vent someplace and i don't really like to whine on the message boards I visit.


MiPa said...

What a week! Hope the weekend is better.

~Velda said...

Dear Gawd woman!!!!!!!! (((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))) I absolutely DESPISE businessess that don't call back. I think you NEED To go back to saudi lol.....sounds like you've had more than your share of roughness....just think, few more weeks!!! I'll give you a big hug, be prepared lol

Anonymous said...

Ack! I hope next week gets better! Sorry you had to deal with all this crap :(